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Tippmann Cronus Review: Solid Tactical Paintball Gun

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If you’re here, you’ve already heard of the Cronus, and are well acquainted with the enduring excellence of Tippmann’s high-class paintball equipment.

You’ve probably gone through some other Tippmann Cronus reviews too, but this one will be different…


Because I will be unveiling my personal experience with the model, and sharing how I found it useful and where I felt that it fell a little short.

Just a heads up, the Tippmann Cronus is for newbies and intermediate players (ah, the good old days), so pros should turn elsewhere for something more up their alley.

Presenting: The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker


The Cronus excels in many areas but the ease of operation and decent accuracy are my top picks. If you’re just starting out as a paint-baller, you’ll find this model all the more appealing.

While it is a bit bulkier than some high-end models (weighing in at 3.7 pounds), it makes up for it by being exceptionally durable too. And trust me, you will need this durability not only to last you for your whole beginner/intermediate era but also to ace all aspects of the game.

I also found its enhanced grip much more convenient, especially during prolonged gaming sessions (especially while ambushing unwary players).

Best of all, the cost-effectiveness appealed to me as a newbie. Not only because I couldn’t afford more high-end models back then, but also because it felt like taking a lesser risk. If only I could tell my younger self that I would be living and breathing paintball one day.

And just to make it clear, being affordable does not make it inferior in any way. Instead, I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences with some of the ‘high-end’ models, either because they did not synchronize with me perfectly or because I felt I was paying too much for too little.

Execute Accurate Long-Distance Shots With Ease

Every Tippmann Cronus Tactical paintball gun review out there will make a mention of how accurate and powerful this gun is. The Cronus can shoot projectiles as far as 150 feet, at least that’s what the manufacturers claim.

I am not an expert but I felt that the effective range was a little less than this in practice, and the maximum accuracy range is around 30 feet (at longer distances, you can expect some deviation). Still, pretty impressive.

Couple this with a decent scope and you’ll be able to shoot dust off someone’s helmet from several feet away (well not literally, but you get the point). Just a PS, you can fire as many as eight projectiles per second in a semi-automatic firing mode.

Customize To Your Liking

Let’s admit it, whether it is virtual FPS gaming or paintballing, we want our bad boys to look and feel just perfect. And by perfect, I mean, the way it resonates with our gaming styles.

You can attach four Picatinny rails to the marker at once (on top, sides, and bottom), and mount several accessories including lasers, red-dot sights, and scopes. You can also attach additional grips, customize the barrel, and modify any number of features.

If you don’t feel like fumbling with a host of equipment, and just want something ready for action, why not go for the tactical edition? The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition is the ultimate version of this marker with a super-smooth shot experience and all major upgrades installed.

These include an additional grip on the front, a collapsible stock in the rear end, all four rails preinstalled, and an upgraded barrel. The package also includes an assortment of maintenance equipment such as o-rings, Allen keys, and lubricants.

Based on several Tippmann Cronus tactical reviews and customer comments out there, I can say with confidence others feel the same as myself.

Brief Rundown Of Specs

For a newbie paintball gun, the Cronus offers a host of impressive features such as:

  • It is a .68 caliber semi-automatic paintball marker.
  • It uses a gas tank, either filled with carbon dioxide or compressed air (HPA), the latter is more preferable.
  • It does not have any electrical components (hence no recharging required).
  • It can shoot up to 150 feet away (although in practice, this range may falter a little bit due to several variables such as wind, humidity, and so on).
  • Available in olive/black and tan/black variants (it’s a shame that there aren’t more colors).
  • The 3.7 pounds mass may feel a little bulkier but this also means that the model has a sturdy and durable construction.
  • The collapsible stock allows you to use it for both long-range (on for better accuracy) and short-range operations (off for better maneuverability).
  • There is minimum recoil for every shot, meaning that you should feel free to unload as many paintballs as you can on your unwary victims.
  • Its length varies between 27.5 and 31.5 inches, depending on whether you have the stock on or not.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty from Tippmann.

Paintball war game

My Likes & Dislikes Of The Tippmann Cronus Marker

As with any decent model, I felt that the Tippmann Cronus excelled in multiple areas but fell a little short in other areas, here’s how:

What I Love About It

  • I cannot insist on how shocked and surprised I was that such an affordable marker under $200 could be so excellent.
  • It is highly sturdy and durable, I accidentally dropped it on the concrete floor and yet it continued to work flawlessly.
  • The Picatinny rails allow you to add several customizations to the marker, transforming it into whatever you want it to be.
  • The maintenance is pretty simple, all you have to do is clean it regularly and oil it now and then, and that’s pretty much it.

What I Felt Was Missing

  • Even though the stock has a robust frame, the adjuster rail is not all that steady.
  • I had to tighten the fore-grip repeatedly because it came loose (not very frequently but still enough to be annoying).
  • For the best performance, I would recommend a barrel upgrade, otherwise, the marker does not play all that well.



Looking for something slightly different? Something that suits your particular needs better?

Check out the following options:

1. Tippmann A-5 – Metallic Body

If you’re looking for a slightly bulkier and sturdier version that provides an even faster rate of fire, then this model should be your choice. As mentioned in our full review of the A-5, it uses the iconic cyclone feed system to fire up to 15 pellets per second, an amazing gun, for a decent price (slightly more than the Cronus).

2. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker – Magfed Marker

If you want to add more realism to the game, then perhaps you’re looking for a mag-fed option that forces you to approach tactically and make every shot count. The Tippmann TMC is just that sort of an option, and it’s pretty affordable too.

3. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Electric Marker

If you’re looking for an electric marker that offers a decent fire rate and a host of customizability features just like the Cronus, then perhaps the Etha 2 will be a perfect fit for you. The best part is that its Gamma core technology makes it perfect for usage in several extreme conditions.

General User Impression

Fellow users applauded the marker’s affordability, reliability, versatility, and resilience. Several Tippmann Cronus reviewers pointed out that this paintball gun was one of the easiest to maintain and hence perfect for newbies.

Some admired its customizability, commenting that they could tweak it to play out according to their preference. However, some complained that the firing velocity was not fast enough for them (this is more of a personal preference thing but still).

While others reported trouble using compressed carbon dioxide (HPA is recommended). But, overall, the product has been well-received and users have expressed satisfaction with its build-quality, features, and cost-effectiveness. These are reasons why you’ll consistently find this marker on lists of the top-rated paintball guns

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Tippmann Cronus and their answers:

1. Will the paintball marker work on its own?

No. A paintball marker (any model) is only one segment of the ensemble, you also need to buy paintballs, a feeder (to hold the paintballs), and a compressed air tank for the marker to work. Moreover, for the actual sport, you will need protective gear and goggles to play safely.

2. What is the maximum range of the Tippmann Cronus?

The company claims that this marker can shoot up to 150 feet away from your position. In practice, the range is a bit shorter than this but still impressive, the projectiles can go well beyond the 100 feet cap.

3. If I accidentally drop the gun, or if it gets shot, will it break?

Unless you want your gun to get damaged, it will be just fine (don’t go throwing it off a roof or something). It is highly durable and hence can take direct hits or impact without suffering any noticeable damage.

4. Which one should I use, carbon dioxide or compressed air?

The best option is HPA (compressed air), you can also use carbon dioxide but that is not recommended.

5. Is the stock fixed?

No, the stock is collapsible, you can remove it if you want better maneuverability.

6. What is the distance for landing the most accurate shots?

At around 30 feet, your shots will be the most accurate. However, long-distance shots can have decent accuracy too.

Before we wrap it up, let’s take a quick look at this YouTube video which shows the unboxing of Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker, so that you know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

This Cronus paintball gun review was meant to provide a fair analysis of the product based on my personal experience with it, and how other users felt about the model.

Tippmann Cronus is an ideal marker for new players as it is among the easiest to operate models in the market, and comes at an affordable price.

The best part is customizability though, by using a myriad of add-ons and accessories, you can transform this paintball marker it anything you want it to be

All in all, a solid and potent paintball weapon: the perfect package.



Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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