5 Best Paintball Chest Protectors & Body Armor

If you’re a newbie, then know this:  Paintballs hurt.  These pellets may look all colorful and innocent, but it is only when you get hit by one, especially at short-range, that you can understand the type of pain they can cause. And things will only get worse in the winters when being shot by one …

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5 Best Paintball Knee Pads for Extra Protection

Paintball knee pads - featured image

Paintball is thrilling and a definite way to fire up your adrenaline and enjoy endless hours of action-packed fun. But do you what can ruin your fun? Scrapes. Scrapes and bruises?  They are an ever-present danger with every competitive and intense sport such as paintball. As you dash and dive through the field or in …

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Top 7 Best Tactical Paintball Vests for Protection

Paintballer wearing a vest - featured image

In search of the best paintball vests? What do you need it for?  For protection … or tactical enhancement on the field? First off, headshots don’t count in paintball, and your torso becomes a prime target. Paintball vests can help protect your chest from the sting of paintballs. And tactical vests help carry tactical weapons …

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6 Best Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks

A Paintballers backpack - featured image

No doubt, paintball bags seem overpriced at first take.  Especially not…  When you can get a backpack or duffel bag at Walmart for only a couple of bucks.  But that can’t be any further from the truth. There are subtle but crucial differences that make sacrificing a couple of bucks to get a paintball bag …

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5 Best Paintball Elbow Pads & Arm Protection

paintball elbow pads - featured image

Elbow scrapes are not glorious. They may seem so in the movies, especially when they win the sympathies of a damsel, but in real life, this is a gruesome affair. Not only does it sting (very bad) and may even compromise your gameplay, but there is another, more sinister and unseen threat at hand: infection. …

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5 Best Paintball Pods for Fast Reloading

Paintball pods - featured image

Ask any paintball player and they will tell you having the right paintball gear can make a huge difference. Can you imagine running out of ammo during a paintball tournament? If you want to step up your game, you need to invest in top-notch paintball pods. But what is the best paintball pod considering there …

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5 Best Paintball Pants: Top Pairs To Match Your Skills

best paintball pants - feature image

You’ve just got your hands on an amazing paintball marker, you’re all locked and loaded for some serious action, and itching to step into the arena. Wait, aren’t you forgetting something? No, nothing’s wrong with your guns or accessories, it’s what you’re wearing. Without proper attire, you may as well surrender your gun to the …

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Top 4 Best Paintball Gloves Review

Paintball Gloves - feature image

New to paintball? Or have you just got off a match without using any gloves and regretted that decision? Either way… This article is made to provide you an ultimate and complete guide. In here you’ll find out why gloves are necessary as we dig deeper into the best paintball gloves’ properties and important factors.  …

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