Our 5 Favorite Atlanta Paintball Fields

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Paintball is one of the most action-packed sports played in the USA and beyond. It is considered a stress reliever and an effective approach to exercise. It is an upgraded alternative to first-person shooter video games and is an impressive way for people to conduct team-building training. Also… You can play in your backyard after …

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Top 5 Best Paintball Fields in Houston

paintball bunkers

Paintball is an open-air sport that allows physical exercise and contact with nature. You can acquire sportsmanship, strategy, and team play skills with every round of competitive gameplay. Paintballing is growing pretty fast and is practiced by people of varying ages all around the world. Now… Are you tired of your hectic routine and want …

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How To Clean Your Paintball Gun The Right Way

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It’s not rocket science. Paintball guns, like every mechanical equipment, need regular maintenance. If you don’t clean your paintball gun, you risk damaging parts, jamming the barrel, or killing the marker altogether. But then again… What many players don’t know is that thoroughly cleaning the marker regularly can also cause some damage. In the process …

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How To Play Paintball For Beginners

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Yea!  Paintball is all fun and games.  But, to be honest, that’s only when you’re winning. Or, at least, know what it feels like to win. And then you can get better at the game and win on other days. Here’s the kicker: I’ll show you what it takes to win at paintball. And brush …

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