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Top 5 Best Paintball Fields in Houston

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Paintball is an open-air sport that allows physical exercise and contact with nature. You can acquire sportsmanship, strategy, and team play skills with every round of competitive gameplay. Paintballing is growing pretty fast and is practiced by people of varying ages all around the world.


Are you tired of your hectic routine and want to have a blast with your friends? Then, paintball will be a boundless opportunity for fun.

But let me say, you won’t get the adventurous experience just by playing it in your backyard, instead, you can try out one of the several amazing arenas exclusively designed for paintball in Houston.

Don’t know where to go?

No worries…

Here are my picks for the top five fields for the best paintballing in Houston.

My favorite is the Urban War Zone Paintball, but the others are incredible as well.

Top 5 Must-Go Paintball Fields In Houston

1. Urban War Zone Paintball – Best Overalluwz logo

It is one of the finest paintball arenas in Houston, having the most convenient location in downtown Houston. Being a full-service paintball field, Urban War Zone provides unlimited private play which allows you to duel with your group for the entire day without sharing the field with other players.

It provides you with a quality experience according to your gaming level, whether you are an expert player or just a beginner. They have specially trained crew members who take full responsibility for your safety.

The arena provides VIP membership to their regular customers so that they can play more by spending less. Its fields are equipped with many artificial obstacles which make it more fun and exciting.


  • Convenient location
  • Easily assessable from anywhere in Houston
  • Unlimited private play
  • Separate fields and supervision for children
  • Modified equipment
  • More obstacles
  • Holds special events i.e. corporate events, team-building, birthdays


  • Less waiting, more playing
  • Exceptional customer service and experience
  • It is cheap and has membership policies
  • Offers night play
  • Complete guidance for beginners
  • Thermal masks on humid days


  • The number of fields is less as compared to other paintball ranges in Houston
  • They don’t introduce new fields because of area shortage


If you are looking for a well ran Houston paintballing facility, a great experience with a convenient location be sure to look into Urban Warzone Paintball.

2. Glory Paintball – Best For Week Round Private Playglory paintball logo

This paintball field is open seven days a week for private play. If you are new to paintball, be sure to check out the Glory Paintball field because they provide different types of courses for paintball enthusiasts who wish to refine their skills.

Glory Paintball offers classes that are designed to teach strategy, team play, communication, and shooting accuracy. They have a highly competent training staff with rich experience in assisting players of different gaming levels. With these classes, you can come to be an expert very soon.

Most of these courses are based on training activities in the U.S. military. The crew members are friendly and will gladly guide you whenever you need it, and the referees work hard to maintain excellent customer service.


  • Private play is open for the entire week
  • Specialized training courses
  • Affordable rates
  • Strict safety rules
  • Modified equipment


  • Enhanced private play
  • Learning opportunities
  • Practice military training
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Fine for beginners


  • Allow field paint only i.e. you can only use the paint you buy from them
  • You have to tip the referee (exceptional to the overall charges)


Those who seriously want to learn and improve an array of diverse strategic skills would be easily drawn towards this field.

3. TXR Paintball – Best Size

txr paintball logo

It is the largest and the most top-ranked paintball facility in Houston. This is where Houston’s largest paintball games have been held. Many varying types of paintball fields are available. It offers paintball experience at different levels of gameplay i.e. beginner, occasional player, and expert player.

Even inexperienced paintballers will have a great time due to the helpful and friendly staff. Children are constantly under staff guidance and “Paintball Lite” is a game dedicated to them.

They are allowed to play on a low impact field with fewer obstacles using standard velocity paintball which helps them to gain experience without getting hurt.

The occasional and expert players as well can choose a field based on their gaming level. TXR is open for public play on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


  • Largest field area in Houston
  • Gaming level based services
  • Experienced and supportive staff members
  • Offer both private and public events
  • Fully maintained field
  • Safety measures


  • Several playing fields
  • Child supervision
  • Reasonable prices
  • Special training for beginners


  • No recreational fields


If you want to go paintballing with your family, it would be the best option. Here you can freely enjoy yourself with your children without any worries with complete safety and protection.

4. Survival Game Of Texas – Best For Indoor And Outdoor Paintballing

survival game of texas logo

Survival Game of Texas paintball facility is one of the oldest premier paintball locations in Houston. If you want to experience playing paintball both indoors and outdoors, then this is the right place for you. Uniquely designed fields following different themes make Survival Game of Texas one of the most interesting paintball arenas.

You can choose whatever theme you prefer, whether it’s western, classic, modern, or forest-based. This outdoor paintball park is family-oriented and offers the most remarkable family amusement for players.

The field area is large enough to be used by many groups at the same time which will be more lively and fun. Apart from public gatherings, you can also arrange private meetings, parties, and other events there. The staff is well-trained and will support you according to your gaming level.


  • Oldest paintball field in Houston
  • Indoor and outdoor playing experience
  • Specially themed fields
  • Level based service
  • Experienced crew


  • Fields of varying settings
  • More interesting
  • Vast field area
  • Indoor field facility
  • Larger number of groups


  • The costs for the special theme field are higher than that of a normal field
  • Only field paint is allowed


If you are an expert paintball player you’ll enjoy their themed fields. Beginners and children can use the normal fields or indoor facilities. It is one of the best places for indoor paintball in Houston.

5. Tanks Paintball Park – Best For Recreational Fields

tankspaintball logo

Tanks Paintball is located in Richmond, Texas another one of the oldest fields for Houston paintballing. You’ll find a lot of challenging recreational fields and a very clean and well-organized safety area. There are also lots of open fields of different themes for players. The most preferred field is the dirt mound field which offers challenging gameplay, making it one of the best options for expert players.

They provide premium services at inexpensive rates. The area is vast enough to be used by many groups at the same time. To top it up, Tanks Park offers various discounts for its players.

Tanks Paintball Field stays open during daylight hours, 7 days a week, for private play. You can make reservations for open or non-private play. They have a private area for events and gatherings.


  • Convenient location
  • Recreational fields
  • Clean and controlled area       
  • Experienced and assisting staff
  • Reasonable gear rent
  • Special discount offers
  • Whole week service


  • Variety of fields
  • Low rates
  • Private area
  • Private play services


  • Doesn’t possess any tournament fields


For spacious paintball fields and assorted events, the Tanks Paintball Park offers a decent deal to all.

What To Look For In Paintball Fields, Houston?

paintball bunkers

A decent paintball field offers the following features, in addition to having a reasonable cost to play:

Better Environment

The fields should be at an accessible location in Houston. It should offer a family-friendly atmosphere and provide a platform for the children to enjoy as well. A field with the finest safety rules and management is suited for a family visit.

Latest Modified Equipment

Paintball is best enjoyed with the latest equipment. An arena offering the latest gear with affordable rates is hence the most suitable for competitive play. Some will let you bring your gear which is also good since it will save you the gear rent.

Expert Guidelines

Better to pick a place with a decently experienced and skilled staff. Having a better staff assures the safety of players (a major concern for parents), and it will allow you to learn and grow in the game. I was particularly impressed by the expert advice I got while paintballing in Atlanta last year. 

Natural Terrain & Artificial Obstacles

Be sure to go for a field according to your experience and gaming level. For beginners, a paintball field with fewer obstacles should be used. Look for a place that allows you to use a field based on your level. The best field uses both the natural environment and additional artificial obstacles to boost up your experience.


These 5 paintball fields are the best to visit for both paintball fanatics and beginners. My personal favorite is Urban War Zone Paintballs since it provides limitless private play and offers unlimited ammo to regular players.

However, Tanks Paintballs Park is best suited for people with a tighter budget.

You can choose any of these arenas, and you can’t go wrong with any choice.

Happy paintballing!

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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