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6 Best Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks

A Paintballers backpack - featured image

No doubt, paintball bags seem overpriced at first take. 

Especially not… 

When you can get a backpack or duffel bag at Walmart for only a couple of bucks. 

But that can’t be any further from the truth. There are subtle but crucial differences that make sacrificing a couple of bucks to get a paintball bag worth it. 

For me, I used an Under Armor bag for years and usually dumped my gear in the main compartment. 

No, I wasn’t raggedy. 

The bag only had a large main compartment and not so big side pockets. Plus, I was always cautious while walking to avoid breaking something; it had no padded sleeves, of course.

I kept up with these for years till I could spare some cash for a PB bag – the duffel bag was still in perfect shape, by the way. It isn’t the same experience for everyone. For many, it won’t hold up that long. 

Well, it’s been a pleasure ride with the bag ever since. I literally had more than enough space to organize my gear. And it had padding that made me feel confident dumping it around in transit. 

I have never stopped preaching about paintball bags since then. So, I made this list of the best paintball gear bags on the market as part of my evangelism. You’ll find recommendations that fit your budget and gear. 

And I’ll state right off the bat. The Planet Eclipse GX2 is the best paintball gear bag out there. It was my first gear bag but easily one of the most sought after paintball gear bags – classy, rugged, and spacious. 

The Best Paintball Gear Bag For Pro Players And Beginners

This list is relative to my experience and ease of getting the bags online. I don’t fancy making special orders to get daily-use gear. Of course, they are nothing short of top-quality options. 

1. Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic – Ultimate Best Paintball Gear Bag

Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag (Fighter Blue)

The GX2 Classic is definitely a classic gear bag on the paintball scene. 

The kitbag has an enormous inner compartment that’s divided into three sub-compartments. This space can house everything from vests, pants, pads to hoppers. And the padded dividers cradle your marker and other objects to prevent dents. 

Like every Planet Eclipse bag, the GX2 is built for rugged use. It has a moisture-resistant lining, which allows easy cleaning of paint and dirt without getting soaked. 

Impressively, the side pockets are large enough to fit a helmet and footwear. Well, not if you have giant-sized feet like mine. 

The GX2 Classic is unlike a regular duffel bag. It has a retractable pull handle and wheels that come in handy when you have to walk from airports to venues to hotels. And a soft-to-hold handle if you want to carry it instead. 

You’ll be grateful for the color of the fabric and accessories on this bag. It doesn’t get dirty quickly. And the zips are bright-colored, so you don’t miss them under dim lighting. If you’re big on easy identification, you can get the velcro patch attachment, especially if you have teammates with a similar bag.

One last thing is its clear document folder. It might seem like nothing to an amateur but means a lot to a pro who gets into tournaments.

All in all, this is not in any way a regular duffel. Although somewhat pricey, it’s lightweight, extra-durable, and multifunctional in comparison. 


  • Extra durable
  • Divided inner compartment
  • Brightly-colored zipper pullers
  • Heavy-duty roller and retractable handle
  • Padded sleeves
  • Enough compartments and pockets to fit complete gear


  • Can be a lot to carry


If you are a budding paintballer who’s looking to enter tournaments, too, the GX2 bag is the real deal. 

It’s also an excellent option for anyone looking to get a top-rated gear bag as their first buy. 


2. Mercury Mini Monster Tactical – Best Budget Paintball Gear Bag

Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster Bag DDGC Rolling Duffel, Digital Desert Camo, 32.5 x 17.75 x 12 Inches The Mercury Tactical Mini Monster looks more like a casual traveling bag. Well, unless you consider its camo colorway. Essentially, you can rock this bag for events other than paintball comfortably. 

Not to forget it has heavy-duty three-wheelers for an improved traveling experience. The only thing is, it doesn’t have a complementary retractable handle. 

It’s actually battle-tested and used for military deployment. So, in terms of durability, you can expect nothing short of the best.

The Mini Monster has a divided and adjustable main compartment that lets you pack your gear in an organized manner. The entire bag is also padded, so you can put your things where you want them without the fear of them getting crushed.

Worthy of mentioning is the detachable accessory bag. Although the main compartment would contain most of your gear, you can use it to hold toiletries.

 In a nutshell, you can pack complete paintball gear and even more in this bag. If you own any less than that, find a smaller option. 


  • Super roomy gear bag
  • Adjustable inside compartment
  • Protects items from impact damages with surround padding
  • Sturdy construction
  • Well worth its price
  • Three heavy-duty wheelers with a plastic corner guard


  • On the brink of passing airline limits
  • Wheeler would roughen quickly with outdoor use


If you pack many accessories or pack as a duo, the Mini Monster Tactical bag is your best spacious option. It’s also rugged and priced well within its value.


3. HK Army Expand – Best Paintball Backpack

HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)

The HK Army Expand is one of the most sought after paintball backpacks.

Indeed, Expand’s reinforced construction is a notable feature. But what’s more impressive is its affordability and versatility. 

First, it’s called “expand” because you can enlarge it by thirty percent with a zip at the base. That’s extra space to fit uncoupled rifles, long markers, or extra items, especially since it can also be a duffel bag. And with wheels to complete the traveling experience, it makes the perfect multipurpose bag. 

But it could have been a little more spacious. For some people, you may have to squeeze in your gear to make it fit. 

Aside from this, it comes with all the essential features you won’t find in cheap dollar store backpacks. From waterproof zippers, well-padded shoulder straps to perfectly-positioned side pockets with loops for attachments. 

Not to mention there are loops inside the bag to hold barrels as well. And a large mesh document holder for files or items you prefer. There’s even a microfiber-lined compartment designed to protect your paintball mask. 


  • Good bang for the buck
  • Versatile 
  • Can be enlarged by thirty percent as you wish
  • Four extra side pockets with loops
  • Special barrel holds inside the bag
  • Marker pocket inside 
  • Waterproof


  • Too small to fit complete gear
  • Oddly shaped and balanced when the “expand” section is packed


All in all, the HK Army Expand is a nice paintball backpack for the money. It’s versatile, protective, and rugged. Even more, it’s a bestseller.


4. Virtue High Roller V3 Paintball Backpack – Best High-End

Virtue High Roller V4 Extra Large Travel Gear Bag with Rugged Wheels - 7000 Cubic Inch Storage Capacity (Graphic Black)

There are four models of the High Roller backpack, but the V3 stands out. It’s in the sweet spot between functionality and value.

The bag is similar to the Expand but has a seemingly more modern look, complete with a velcro patch. And has a considerably larger real estate to fit more items.

The V3 is built like a tank. Its neoprene padding and thick fabric protect items inside from impact. And its tarp-lined main compartments prevents your items from getting soaked while playing during a monsoon3. 

It doesn’t end there. This backpack also has a microfiber lens compartment that protects your google from getting scratched or drowned. 

In terms of comfort, it’s also a decent paintball gear bag. You can use it as a duffel or backpack. And pressure areas like the shoulder strap and top handle are padded to support you on your travels.


  • All-waterproof interior
  • Spacious 
  • Special compartment to protect masks and delicate accessories
  • Neoprene padded internal sleeves
  • Foam padded top handle


  • Can’t fit “carry-on” on an airplane when loaded
  • Velcro patch may attract dirt 


If you want a backpack with more room than the Expand, the V3 is a top option. It’s a little more expensive, but just as quality, if not more. 


5. Cafe Race Paintball Gear Bag – Best Inexpensive Option

CafeRace Orange Large 35-inch Gear Bag for Motocross-Enduro-Snowmobile-Paintball

For beginners and weekend p2p players, this bag is remarkable. It’s not as expensive as paintball gear bags, and it gives you a close enough experience. 

The Cafe Race bag is built tough for rugged outdoor sports like Motorcross, football, and of course, paintball. It has the quality of old Jansport bags and at a deserving price. 

However, this duffel bag only has a hard panel base for support. So, the sides are limp and don’t really offer protection to equipment in the main compartment. 

But you would be impressed by the packing capacity of this bag. It has four oversized exterior pockets in addition to its large main compartment. You can fit all you need, and maybe someone else’s, all at once. 

Overall, you get what you pay for. You won’t enjoy the added comfort of features like ergonomic padding or water-resistance. But you get an inexpensive gear bag with way more space than even costlier paintball gear bags. 


  • Oversized gear bag for most players 
  • Durable 
  • Hard base offers some support. 


  • No padding against impact
  • Not waterproof


The Cafe Race duffel bag is the only “cheap’ paintball gear bag worthy of my recommendation. There might be similar quality ones, but I have no firm experience with them. 


6. Planet Eclipse GX2 Backpack – Best Budget Paintball Backpack

Planet Eclipse GX2 Expand Backpack Gear Bag (Grit Grey)

Not exactly the “cheap” budget gear bag you’d expect. But coming from Planet Eclipse, and for its value, it’s the cheapest top-quality backpack you’d mostly come across. 

The GX2 backpack rocks on days when you feel like packing light. For some players, the extra load just isn’t necessary and only proves to be a burden

But suppose you need to pack extra items and your only bag. In that case, the main compartment can be remarkably increased by fifty percent. Even better, it doesn’t wobble or fit awkwardly when you carry it this way. 

The GX has a padded lumbar, which is unlike the make-believe lumbar support in cheap backpacks. And, of course, padded shoulder straps for convenient carriage. 

P.S you’d save 10 bucks if you opt for the gravel camo design. 


  • Compact 
  • Long-lasting fabric quality
  • Convenient mobility
  • Comfortable lumbar and shoulder pads


  • Not many compartments 
  • Can be cramped inside


The GX backpack is a suitable option for beginners or pro players looking for a backup bag to pack light. 


Why You Need A Paintball Gear Bag 

As I’ve made clear from the get-go, you can’t put a price on a good paintball gear bag. Here are some of the reasons why:


Yes, it serves the same function as a duffel bag that costs less than 10 bucks on Walmart or Best Buy. 

But is this bag suitable for rugged use in the outdoors? Or is it more suitable for a one-time weekend trip? 

The difference is clear. A paintball gear bag is built to take the beating, dumping, and thrashing that comes with playing paintball. If you’re a pro, you may even have to take the bag through mud, sand, and snow.

A paintball gear bag would have padded or extra stitching on stress areas that would otherwise wear out quickly in regular bags. 

It might seem like these are only subtle differences, but they do make a difference if you take paintball seriously. 


Paintball gear bags afford you enough room for your accessories and apparel. 

Having an allotted space for each of my accessories brings me comfort and routine. Most times, with regular bags, they only have a large compartment where you have to dump or mix up your things. 

And sometimes, too little inside or side pockets to fit accessories where you’d like to put in them, like pods or a paintball grenade. 

But all that is not much of a worry with a paintball gear bag. There’s usually enough room for at least a complete set of gear. And more often than not, a divider to separate your things, such as dirty clothes, markers, mask, and so on. 

Ergonomic Relief 

Aside from the convenience of pockets, a paintball gear bag has many other ergonomic benefits. 

In simple terms, they have certain features that enhance convenience on the playing field.

Here’s just a few you’d see in some of the best paintball bags:

  • Heavy-duty wheels 
  • Exterior accessory bag
  • Versatile use as a backpack or duffel bag
  • Padded stress points
  • Waterproof zippers

Most bags come with a unique feature of their own. But they are designed to enhance outdoor and mobile use in a way. Also, almost all paintball bags have padded sleeves, so you don’t have to fear that your marker or hopper would get broken inside the bag. 

Transport Convenience 

A paintball gear bag is usually built to fit airline baggage or carry-on size limits. This works for everyone. 

If you occasionally travel for tournaments or ever want to paintball with your family on a vacation, you won’t have to worry about bringing your gear along. 

You can have your gear all in one bag. And have no issues moving around from airport to hotel, house, or various arenas. 

How To Pick The Best Paintball Gear Bag 

These tips would help you pick a desirable paintball bag that’s in line with how you intend to use it. And you would be able to shop within a reasonable budget for everything you’ll wear paintballing

You don’t have to spend outrageously to get yourself one, and definitely not unnecessarily. These tips would help you pick a gear bag in line with how you play and ensure you don’t overspend to get it. 


This is a no-brainer. Don’t go for an oversized gear bag if you only play monthly or less frequently. 

So, figure out how many items you have or intend to have before picking a gear bag. 

If you want to buy extra items later, don’t settle for a small one that fits just your current arsenal. It will cost you much more to buy a bigger one in the future – you’ll be spending on another bag, and at an inflated price. 

Design Type

There are mainly three designs for gear bags, with the last type being a unique design for specific paintball accessories. For now, we are mostly concerned with duffel bags and backpacks.


This kind of paintball gear bag is designed like a regular hockey or motocross bag.

If you pack a full gear (down to feet) along with you, this is easily the right type of gear for you. You should be able to fit everything at a go. 

As you’d expect, this type of paintball bag would cost more than most backpacks. But you can find cheaper ones that cost just as much or on sale. 


Backpack paintball bags are, well, backpacks. 

Also, a good choice if you’re something of a hiker too. Some paintball backpacks also come with rollers that transform them into ideal traveling bags.

Unsurprisingly, the price tag grows with the addition of these vital attachments. 

Backpacks usually have many molle loops to attach carabiners. So you’ll have many options to hang accessories, like a water bottle and more. 

But you don’t need to go overboard if you aren’t a passionate paintballer. There are simple backpacks that cost a lot less. 


This type of gear is quite different from the other two. It’s not necessarily always made of fabric. Actually, most of them are built with carbon fiber, which is almost solid. 

The case-type bags are built to house only a specific item, like an HPA tank, pod, marker, or barrel. 

The special case bags make packing in an oversized bag more organized. So, they work hand in hand with the duffel bag and backpack. 

Skill Level

Paintball bags also come in grades, as you’d expect. 

Typically, the more expensive, the higher the grade. If you’re an amateur or a recreational player, you should settle for an entry-level gear bag. 

However, seasoned paintballers know not to. The extra durability and features that come with more expensive gear bags are well worth it. 

Also, if you believe you’d get serious with paintball over time, don’t settle for less. 

Before I wrap things up, let’s see how pro player Ronnie Dizon’s packed his paintball bag throughout 2020.

Wrapping Up

Shopping for the best paintball gear bag isn’t rocket science.

You can either pick between buying cheap dollar store bags or a paintball specific gear bag. The ball is in your court. If you opt for the latter, this paintball gear bag review will be at your disposal to help you decide. 

As a reminder, our top pick is the Planet Eclipse GX2 duffel bag. 

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

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