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How Much Does Paintballing Cost? Prices & How To Save

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Paintball is one of those fun games filled with a lot of adrenaline and excitement. It involves teams pitting against each other in various scenarios. The goal of this game is to beat the other team through eliminating by shooting them using a paintball gun or marker.

One theme used in playing paintball is known as capture the flag. There are still a lot more but before diving into this kind of game, you have to get an idea of how much does paintball cost. You have to know how much you are going to spend in case you want to get involved in this game or make it one of your hobbies.

If you are still a beginner in paintball and wondering about the total cost that you might spend then this article is for you. It covers some of the things that you need in the game that you might need to spend money on.

One thing you have to take note of about the cost of paintball is that it is divided into two categories – the recurring and the initial cost. The initial cost is the total price of the equipment needed to help you get started with the game. The recurrent cost, on the other hand, refers to those that you need to pay every time you play paintball.

Initial Cost

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It is advisable for you to pay for your own equipment, especially if you plan to play paintball on a regular basis. Note that it is actually better for you to use a gun that you are already familiar with instead of renting out paintball guns of different models. Investing in your own paintball kit is also advisable.

The kit should include the gun, the mask, and any other items in between. Think of this as your starting investment. When buying the materials and equipment for the game, make it a point to strike the right balance between price and quality.

Recurring Cost

In comparison to other sports, paintball needs you to use expendable items. You will also need to pay for fees when using the paintball field. Each time you play, you should consider the cost of both the paintball and the air. You may also purchase the items in bulk.

As for paintballs, expect them to usually be available in cases composed of around 2,000 of them. You will also notice that they differ in sizes – from .50 to .68 caliber round. Paintballs are created out of biodegradable and non-toxic materials and their quality can be figured out based on a few factors.

These include the shell and the paint’s thickness and how spherical the shell appears. If you are going for high-quality rounds then ensure that you go for a shell, which has an almost perfect spherical shape. They should also be thin to ensure that they burst on impact.

The paint should also be thick and bright in color and should contain cornstarch and metallic flakes, making it harder for an opponent to hide or get rid of any signs that he/she has been hit.

As for the air, take note that you can get them in canisters form. The air canisters act as the fuel, and you can purchase them in different sizes. Traditionally, paintball players need to use CO2 but compressed air is also gaining popularity because it is stable while providing less environmental impact.

If you are using an old pump-action gun, then note that you may need to invest in a disposable 12-gram CO2 canister. This canister lasts for one shot. Also, remember that the price for each canister varies. The majority of paintball fields also offer players with refills.

This might require you to spend a small fee for each refill or an all-day fee for a single refill that you can use for the whole day.

Some of the Basic Equipment Needed

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Now that you know something about initial and recurring costs as far as playing paintball is concerned, it is time to get to know more about the basic supplies and equipment that you might need to invest in. These include the following:

Basic pump pack

In case you are searching for the most inexpensive equipment for paintball then a wise advise is to visit your local retailer and buy a basic pump pack specifically designed for paintball players.

What’s good about this basic pack is that it already lets you get a hold of a hopper, mask, plastic pump gun, and some 12-gram CO2 canisters. This basic pack usually costs around $30 to $50. However, take note that while the included plastic gun works, it is also often slow and less accurate than the others.

It would be an ideal option if you are looking for a starter pack but consider investing in better quality guns and paintball packs once you become more familiar with the game.

Basic or high-end equipment

You can also choose to buy between a basic and a high-end equipment. If you think you can shell out around $70 to $100 for your equipment then go for an entry-level electro-mechanical or semi-automatic gun as well as all the other supplies that it needs to work.

Also, take note that while most guns are available in a package together with the tank, mask, and hopper, note that you can also choose to buy them separately if you think that this will sort of minimize the overall cost you will have to pay. When purchased separately, expect the CO2 tank to have a starting cost of around $12.

Hoppers and masks, on the other hand, have starting costs of around $5 and $20, respectively. Another thing to take note of is that some of the basic guns that you can purchase are not upgradable.

Others, on the other hand, give you the chance to upgrade them by adding better barrels, expansion chambers, and drop forwards, among many others. It is also advisable to buy paintball-specific clothes from a surplus or thrift store since you will be exposing yourself to a messy game or sport.

If you are willing to go for a high-end equipment, though, then be prepared to spend more. In most cases, this high-end and professional-level guns costs up to $2,000. Completing the whole high-end setup might also cause you to spend more. Instead of CO2, the majority of high-end paintball equipment need to use compressed air.

A motorized hopper is also necessary if you want to maximize the paintball gun’s firing speed. Once you have made your initial purchase for the high-end paintball equipment, you also have the option of spending more on upgrades. This way, you can tailor or customize each aspect of the paintball equipment.

Some of the aspects that you can customize, upgrade, and improve are circuit boards and the anodizing jobs. As for the high-end and quality paintball clothing, some of the things that you might need to spend on are knee and elbow pads, specialized pants, and custom jerseys.


Another thing that you might have to spend on if you are interested in playing paintball is the air. Note that whether you choose to use the COs or the compressed air, refilling your tanks regularly is a must.

Several stores actually offer refills for CO2 and compressed air tanks for $3 to $6. The amount you will pay will actually be based on the tank’s size. As an alternative, you can also choose to buy a huge CO2 tank and refill it on your own. It might require you to spend a lot at first but you can get returns, especially if you play paintball often.


Of course, you will also need to spend on paint in order to enjoy the game. Note that this is one obvious cost linked to being a paintball player. The good news is that you can actually find inexpensive paint. You can usually get a case containing around 2,000 rounds of paint for $30.

A box containing around 500 rounds may also cost $10. If you plan to get the professional-grade one especially that often used in tournaments, then note that each case containing 2,000 rounds can cost as high as $80.

Also, remember that if the game will be held in a professional field then it is greatly possible that you will need to buy a field paint. This costs higher than those available on local stores. Another thing to remember about the paint is that if you use it in a gun, which shoots faster than the others, then it’s also possible to spend more on it.


You might also need to pay for the cost of the field. The fees, in this case, vary from one location to another even within the same city; so for example, if you want to go paintballing in Houston check the fees of each field first. In most cases, though, the price ranges from $10 to $25. If you intend to take part in a game played in a professional field then you might also be required to pay more.


Paintball is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping games that you can play. However, before taking part in it, you have to know exactly what you are going to spend on. Your goal is to come into the field complete with all the things you need by investing in the right equipment and supplies.

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