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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review: Full Performance Breakdown

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 feature image

Planning on storming through the arena with all guns blazing? Want to leave behind a trail of paintball marks and some pretty nasty bruises to let ‘em know that you were there?


You’ve come to the right place.

This Etha 2 review will help you make an informed decision as you gear up to join the uncharted realm of competitive paint-balling or to switch to a newer model if you’re already there.

On Spotlight: Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Review

Lightweight, compact, and highly maneuverable, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is any paintball newbie’s dream choice for an ultimate showdown.

Whether you like a tactical and highly calculated approach or just want to rapidly blast rounds in small confines, this model is an ideal choice.

Don’t let its lightweight build deceive you, this bad boy carries a solid punch, being able to fire high-velocity rounds with sharp accuracy.

Amazing Field Performance

Etha’s success in the field is mostly accredited to its iconic Gamma Core which imparts greater resilience to the model, allowing it to work even under the harshest environments without any issue. Moreover, the gun offers a pretty decent fire rate of up to 15 rounds per second.

Since it is lightweight (2.2 pounds only), you won’t have any trouble carrying it for long gaming sessions. Things are further eased up by the ergonomic foregrip which makes the handling much simpler and steadier.

I also found the space between the two grips to be just perfect for me to hold onto it comfortably and fire the gun with great accuracy. And when I ramped it (since it is an electric model), I was able to fire as many as 20 projectiles per second, which is immaculate.

Don’t worry about the battery timing either, the Etha 2 does not disappoint in this area, and in case you do find yourself with a depleted battery, you can swap it in seconds.

Brief Rundown Of Other Features

  • It is an electric (battery operated) paintball marker
  • The gun weighs around 2.2 pounds, light enough to carry with ease for hours
  • It features a sturdy aluminum core
  • The gas tank (preferably filled with HPA) connects directly with the receiver in the back grip, hence the chances of a leak are minimal
  • The batteries can be swapped in a few seconds
  • The unit also features an LED indicator that you can use to check on the status of your marker when playing, for instance, if it flashes red, it’s time to change the battery

My Take

To sum up this Planet Eclipse Etha 2 review, I have listed the things I loved and those that I found a bit unsatisfactory about this model:

What I Liked About This Piece

  • From what I gather, they offer unparalleled customer service in this business
  • Despite being so affordable, this paintball marker boasts a plethora of features that would put to shame several competing models
  • I enjoyed the rapid-fire rate, and this becomes even better at close ranges where you can do the most damage
  • With some paintball guns, you run the risk of paintballs being chopped, but not with this model
  • The cleaning and maintenance is not complicated, just keep it dust free and oil it a bit from time to time

What I Disliked About It

  • The only major flaw that I could find with this marker is that it makes considerable noise when firing, this becomes a nuisance during rapid-fire sessions


If you don’t feel yourself syncing up with the Planet Eclipse Etha 2, then don’t fret, instead, consider giving one of these a try:

1. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker – More Affordable

If you don’t feel like making a major investment, especially when starting out as a newbie, I get you. You can instead go for the Cronus by Tippmann. This model offers durability, performance excellence, and customizability comparable to that of more expensive models.

2. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker – Magfed Marker

For a more realistic and tactical approach to the game, you can check out this TMC Mag-fed marker review. This model is not only immaculately designed but also allows you to fire accurate high-velocity rounds from a distance, perfect for tactical mag-fed duels.

3. Valken M17 A2 Magfed Paintball Marker – Fully Automatic

Perhaps you want to dominate your foes in a mag-fed contest and feel that the TMC’s semi-automatic firing mode may not be enough for you. If that is the case then you can unleash a barrage of paintballs on your opponents using the fully automatic Valken M17.

General User Experience

Users appraised the marker’s smooth shooting ability and its ease of operation. Moreover, the long-lasting batteries drew praise from customers who managed to enjoy hours of action before having to quickly swap them.

However, others pointed out that the model would fare even better if it were part of a scenario kit, and frankly speaking, I cannot bring myself to disagree. Overall, the gun was well-received by consumers and has been highly recommended by those who’ve had a taste of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case I missed out on something in this Planet Eclipse Etha review, you can try out this section for answers:

1. Does the marker come with a hopper and gas tank?

No, they must be bought separately, and this is true for most paintball markers (unless you buy a package).

2. What pressure setting should I use for my tank when operating this paintball gun?

Normally, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 operates optimally at around 100-160 psi. You can experiment a bit with the setting but it is advisable not to exceed the 160 psi cap.

3. What is the bore size and length of this paintball marker’s barrel?

The barrel has a bore size of .689, and it is 14 inches long.

4. Will the marker break if it gets shot at by other players?

No, the frame is highly sturdy and can take direct hits from other paint-ballers without getting damaged.

5. The model uses batteries, what if I run out of battery power mid-game?

The battery timing is pretty extensive, so this won’t be happening. But just in case it does happen, you can easily swap the batteries in a matter of seconds and get back to having fun. Just watch out for the red LED indication to know when the battery is low.

Before we wrap things up here, why not check out this highly interesting YouTube video about how the Etha 2 operates?

Final Thoughts

You can take my word for it, or read a dozen more Planet Eclipse Etha 2 reviews from customers if you have any doubt, this is the ultimate choice for all players.

Beginners and pros alike can enjoy the many features that this model provides at an affordable rate, and which are comparable to high-end models available at exorbitant prices.

Etha 2 is a marker worthy of admiration from any paint-baller, and if placed in the hands of a decent player, the scourge for its unwary victims.

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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