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5 Best Paintball Tactical Boots: Versatile & Comfortable

When you are out all day playing paintball, the last thing you would want to experience is painful and blistered feet.


That can happen if you are not wearing the best tactical boots.

Not only should your tactical boot be comfortable, but they should also have good traction for running on those treacherous slopes and slippery surfaces.

It’s a good thing there are a lot of reliable tactical boots to choose from today. Do read until the end of this article to find out which of the ones sold today in the market are worth the money.

By the way, Under Armour made it on top of the list… you’ll be interested to know, why. 😉

Best Tactical Boots 2024 Reviews

After a lot of searching, we narrowed it down to these ones:

Product Details
1. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

All Bells & Whistles

  • Excellent Traction
  • Great Fit
  • Price: $
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2. Bates Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip

Great for All-Day Use

  • Good Breathability
  • Durable
  • Price: $$
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3. Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with Coolmax Lining


  • Reliable Pair
  • Stylish
  • Price: $
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4. Rothco Forced Entry Waterproof Tactical Boot


  • Great For Winter
  • Rugged
  • Price: $$
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5. 5.11 Me’s ATAC 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Military Boot

Pricey, But Holds Up Well

  • Lightweight
  • Comes With Side Zipper
  • Price: $$$
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Let’s find out what makes these tactical boots the best among the rest:

1. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military And Tactical Boots

Under Armour Men's Stellar Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11

Right off the bat, this pair of tactical boots will impress you. It has a sleek and simple design devoid of unnecessary things. The combination of leather and textile works. You will like how the Under Armour logo is just to the side of the boot, nothing too flashy or obvious.

These are ankle-high boots that don’t come with side zippers. Ankle-high boots are great to use in the summer because they don’t feel as stifling as taller boots. They can also be worn easily with a pair of pants.

You don’t have to worry about the shoes getting in the way. The minimalist design also works with most of the clothes you have in your wardrobe, so it also works as footwear if you need soothing to use for casual occasions or to run errands. This can even be turned into work boots.

It is quite a comfortable pair of tactical boots. It doesn’t require a long time to break-in. In fact, many people have enjoyed using it the first time and thought it’s comfortable enough to wear the entire day.

These are comfortable to wear most likely because of the molded EVA midsoles incorporated. They help protect the feet from injuries and help in dissipating impact. For added protection, the manufacturer also included a TPU shank that has been reinforced for better protection.

While it’s not the most breathable of boots, with it having a 900D nylon textile upper and leather material, it’s still not difficult to wear. The molded Ortholite sock liner that you can find inside helps stave off the growth of bacteria that might cause odor. However, you might find this a little too warm to use in the summer.

In the winter though, this is one of the best. Aside from its ability to keep the feet comfortably warm, it also has excellent traction. It doesn’t disappoint whatever you subject it to. You can use this to walk on ice and slippery slopes and not worry that you are going to fall flat on your face. In the paintball battlefield, you can trust these boots to take you to where you need to go.

It has a mere 13.9 ounce of weight. It has a substantial weight but it doesn’t feel like you are dragging your feet. It’s still easy to run and climb with these boots on.

The boots do hold up well to a lot of damage. Even after frequent usage and traversing rough terrains, it still doesn’t look worn-out. There are just a few scuff marks here and there that can be obvious but can be easily rectified with a leather cleaner. You can treat your boots to this cleaning treatment once in a while to remove the scuff marks.

We do wish the boots came with side zippers. Even when they reach just above the ankles, they’re still a tad difficult to put on and take off. You still need to shove your feet in there and wriggle out of it when you need to take it off. It’s a good thing the shoelaces are not laced all the way up to the top part.

You might also find the need to replace the shoelaces because these can wear out faster than the rest of the boots.

You can say that these are weather-resistant boots but not completely weather-proof. It doesn’t say anything about being water-resistant, so you still need to be careful when using it in rainy conditions.
  • Does not require breaking in
  • Holds up well to a lot of damage
  • Good traction on the soles
  • It doesn’t slow you down
  • Has a good fit
  • Not too pricey
  • White scuff marks have a tendency to stay
  • Does not come with a side zipper, which might make them difficult to put on and take off

2. Bates Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot, Black, 13 M US

Do you expect to wear your boots and be on your feet all day long? You should use these boots instead. These boots are best known for their comfort. They are so comfortable, they can be worn the entire day and the user won’t feel too worn-out.

These Bates stylish boots are made from a durable leather material with a mixture of nylon for its upper materials. The combination of these materials creates a pair of boots that can last for a long time but still provide you with the comforts that you are looking for in a pair of boots.

The feet are cushioned with a removable insert. This insert is one of the reasons why you can wear these shoes all day and not feel too tired.

They can provide the underfoot the cushion that they need for comfort. The EVA midsole also has ample cushioning but is lightweight enough that it doesn’t get in the way when you are moving and still provides you with a good range of movements.

Unlike others that are too padded that they tend to restrict the movements of the feet, these do not have such a problem. You can still run and do other activities with these boots on.

The feet stay comfortably dry as well. Since the inside has a mesh lining that is capable of wicking away moisture, your feet can stay dry for a long time. You can prevent the feet from getting smelly after a day of use.

These boots also boast of top-notch traction. You can confidently traverse rocky and uneven roads. This added traction is also great when it comes to avoiding injuries. In fact, these boots have undergone the SATRA WTM 144 testing and passed when it comes to slip resistance.

It’s quite easy to put these boots on, thanks to its side zipper. You can easily unzip the side and slip out of the shoes when needed.

You can take these boots with you when traveling as well. These have non-metallic components. The non-metallic shanks protect your feet and keep the boots in good condition all the time but without it getting caught in electronic security systems.

The design of these boots is a lot like other boot designs. They are stylish and the rubber soles are thick enough to protect your feet from punctures. The opening of the boots is also padded so your ankles won’t get hurt when you use them.

These boots, however, tend to have a large toe area. That can be good if you want more wiggle room in this area but if you have narrow feet, it can be hard to find the right size. There are also those who find these boots a little squeaky.

You will have to spend a bit more money on these boots though because they are more expensive. However, these are still worth the extra costs because they last for a long time. You can use them regularly and they won’t easily show signs of wear and tear.
  • Does not require breaking in
  • They are comfortable to wear the entire day
  • Durable build and can last for a long time
  • Excellent traction
  • Water-resistant
  • Has a tendency to be squeaky
  • Toe area feels larger

3. Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots With Coolmax Lining

If you are on the lookout for inexpensive boots that you will only occasionally use, this is a great candidate. But don’t think that just because they are cheap, you will also get cheap features because these are still worth the money.

First, Ryno Gear boots are stylish. If you like the style of combat boots, you will like these. They are great to use when playing outdoor games or just when engaging in outdoor activities.

It’s even a stylish pair of boots to wear for work. These are made from genuine leather material. Some parts are made from ballistic nylon, so you get a perfect balance of durability as well as comfort.

One of the features that make this stand out from the rest is its CoolMax lining. What it does is allow air to circulate better inside so that it wicks moisture away. If you have sweaty feet, you might like this feature because it prevents the inside of your boots from getting soaked in sweat, especially during warm days like the summer season.

It comes with a lot of comfort features in place such as the padded collar that works in preventing the top part of the boots from digging in your ankles. The mesh lining contributes to the comfort of the boots. You can also remove the insoles if you want to dry it up or clean it. These insoles are great in dissipating impact. If you engage in activities that will require you to put a lot of force on the lower part of the body, these shoes will help absorb the impact to reduce stress on your feet.

The exterior of the boots is not completely water-resistant. However, the inner lining has water-resistant properties. It’s not the best when it comes to weather-proof features but it should suffice if you are not going to use it in harsh weather conditions.

The rubber outsoles have a good grip. They feel quite stable even when walking on wet grass or rocky terrains.

Getting in and out of these boots is also easy. There are side zippers that you can just open and close. These boots also have a good lockdown because there is an added Velcro closure. You can engage in high-intensity activities outdoors and not worry about the boots coming off.

One thing that you might not like about these boots is that the balls of the feet don’t get as much support and padding as the rest of the boots. They also feel a little chunky.
  • Good cushioning and support
  • Great for people on a budget
  • Does not require a lot of breaking in
  • Lightweight boots
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • A little big
  • Can feel chunky

4. Rothco Forced Entry Waterproof  Tactical Boots

Rothco 8" Forced Entry Waterproof Tactical Boot, 9

The rugged looks of these tactical boots will immediately impress you. These are taller than your average tactical boots, with the top going all the way above the ankles for better protection. If you do a lot of woodsball or you like to play in tall bushes, these would provide more coverage.

If you are looking for boots with a simple design that can be a versatile option in your wardrobe, Rothco Forced Entry can be a good choice. It’s great enough to be used as a tactical boot for playing paintball and other outdoor games but can also be a good option as well during the cold winter months.

These tactical boots are made from a combination of materials. The toe area has a non-metallic composite material and the collar is made from pigskin leather. The rest of the materials are made from nylon and leather. There is also a lining inside that is supposed to wick moisture and keep the boots fresh.

The soles feature a slip-resistant cup. It should be reliable enough to work on slippery surfaces. It keeps you on your feet even when walking on slippery slopes. It’s also a good pair of boots to use on rainy days or when walking on the dewy grass. Although it doesn’t say anything about being moisture-resistant, it does perform well in these circumstances.

In the winter season, these boots are also reliable. They keep the feet nice and warm. But although it boasts of moisture-wicking properties, it’s not as good in this aspect as advertised. In the summer, it can get quite warm.

The comfort level is good. You can wear this for hours without your feet feeling sore. It’s not suitable for wearing all day though because of the lack of breathability. Additionally, it requires breaking in. It feels rigid at first. But once you have broken these in, they shouldn’t be difficult to wear.

These boots run large. If you buy your usual size, it might still have more room for socks, which can be good if you intend to wear socks inside. Also, be careful not to lace these too tightly, especially all the way to the top. If the top is too tight, it has a tendency to dig in your ankles, causing blisters. Just lace it loosely and you are good to go.

You will find these boots easy to put on and take off. The side zips are accessible. You can slip out of them quickly. The side zips are also great if you want to clean the inside. It is much easier to sanitize or remove the lining because you can access the inside better.

Keeping these boots clean shouldn’t be difficult as well. After using it, just wipe it with a clean cloth. You can also use a brush to remove the dried-up mud on the soles. Before storing it, you might want to air dry it first or leave it in a sunny place to naturally sanitize and get rid of odor-causing bacteria. With these simple steps, you can make these boots last for a long time.

We think these boots are really stylish. When you pair them up with jeans, they create a statement. They also work with various clothes in the wardrobe, so even if you are not using them for outdoor activities, you can just use them for fashion.
  • Highly durable
  • True to size
  • Great for cold days
  • Not too expensive
  • Needs some breaking in because they are initially rigid
  • Not great for wearing all day because they’re not very breathable

5. 5.11 Me’s ATAC 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Military Boots

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 6" Tactical Side Zip Military Boot, Style 12394, Black, 9.5 M US

These 6-inch boots are stylish and rugged. They can be a great addition to your paintball get-up. What’s really great about these boots is that they come in different sizes.

Many people with wide feet tend to have difficulty finding shoes that fit their wide feet. But this one has available sizes for wide and regular-shaped feet. Whether you need this for your paintball game or for other outdoor activities like hiking this will surely serve you well.

You don’t have to worry about slipping when walking on slippery slopes or wet grass. The 5.11 Me’s ATAC 2.0 boots come with oil-resistant outsoles. Even when the ground is slippery, it will still keep you stable. It also has deep gouges at the soles for a better hold on the ground.

It’s a very comfortable pair of boots to use. It’s like using something that you have been using for years. It does require some breaking in at first but once you get past that, it won’t cause issues. Even if you lace it tightly, it won’t dig into your skin.

One reason why it’s quite the comfortable pair of bots is because of its Achilles heel flex zone. It provides support to the Achilles heel so you can perform a wide range of movements without getting injured or experiencing pain.

This is why it’s a great outdoor pair of boots to use, especially for hiking when you need a lot of support for the heel. You can wear these all day without suffering from pain.

Unlike the other boots featured in this list, these are more breathable, light because of the Strobel construction. It makes use of 840D nylon upper that protects the feet from all sorts of damage but still allows air to circulate so that the feet don’t get sweaty. This means you can wear these boots even on a hot summer day and not worry about discomfort.

They are easy to use as well. It has side zippers that will make donning and taking them off a lot easier. Unlike other boots with the same features, the side zippers of these ones are impervious to damage. They can be used repeatedly without showing signs of wear and tear.

People who are suffering from foot pain might also find these comfortable. Aside from the Achilles heel flex zone, it also features an Ortholite footbed. It provides comfort and does not exacerbate any foot condition you might already have. The leather used is very flexible. It is easy to perform intricate movements without the boots impeding them.

These are lightweight boots as well. You can run and hike in them and not feel like they are dragging you down. If you want to retain your speed when playing paintball or other outdoor games, you will like these boots because they won’t slow you down.

They do hold up well against a lot of use. The soles are durable and can resist impact. However, the leather has a tendency to form permanent creases. They can get wrinkly over time. It’s also hard to keep the leather material shiny. It’s not a big deal and won’t get in the way of the functionality of the boots but aesthetically, that might bother some people.
  • Holds up well to a lot of usage
  • Comes with a side zipper
  • Has a good fit
  • Parts are of good quality and do not get damaged easily
  • Not too expensive
  • Stylish design
  • Has a tendency to crease

What Are The Best Tactical Boots For You?

Now, which of the above-mentioned products will really suit your needs? Keep in mind that if you’re not a boot person, you can always opt for some of the best paintball shoes and cleats instead.

Excellent Comfort

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots: These boots are known for their comfort. Most people who have used these said they didn’t need to break these in. They were comfortable right off the box. The price is reasonable as well, so they can be a good option even for people who are on a tight budget. And because they are well-constructed, you will get your money’s worth. These will last you for a long time.

Great Versatility

Rothco Forced Entry Waterproof Tactical Boots: The style and performance of these boots make them excellent all-around boots. They can be used not just for outdoor gaming but also for everyday use. The price is affordable and the construction is top-notch, so you can expect that this will last for a long time. It is stylish enough to be used as everyday boots as well, especially in the winter because of its ability to keep the feet warm.

Best For Outdoor Use

5.11 Me’s ATAC 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Military Boots: These boots are not just great for playing paintball, they are also great for all outdoor needs. They offer excellent protection when you are outdoors but won’t impede your movements because of their flexibility and added support. These boots are also durable, so you will be able to use them for a long time.

Most Affordable

Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with Coolmax Lining: Who said you can’t have a good pair of boots when you are on a budget? With these boots, you don’t have to spend so much money just to get a pair of boots that you can rely on. These have good features as well when it comes to providing support and comfort to the feet when using them all day.

Great For All-Day Use

Bates Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip: These boots can be relied on for all-day use. They are comfortable and they provide the right support to the feet while still looking stylish. These are great to use in different seasons as well due to its breathability. They are a bit pricier than the other options but with their durability, they are a good buy.


Finding the best tactical boots is easier if you know what exactly you are looking for. You need a pair that will protect your feet from the impact but still provide you with enough cushioning to prevent blisters. You’ll want something you can wear without suffering from fatigue easily, especially when engaging in strenuous activities.

Having said the above, Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots is my easy Best Pick because of several reasons like its minimalist design, the comfort because of the EVA midsoles, and for added protection; the TPU shank, of course. 🙂

And to finish up… Make sure you buy from a reputable maker and get boots that fit your size. It should be lightweight enough that you can still perform difficult movements without your boots slowing you down.

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

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