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10 Best Paintballs To Buy (Reliable & Accurate)

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The average paintballer uses around 200 paintballs for every hour of play.

Which means:

You need to make each paintball count.

There is nothing worse than showing up to the field ready to wreak havoc on your opponents only to have your paint break, leak, or be downright inaccurate…

So what I’m trying to tell you is:

Don’t be the guy that goes cheap and suffers the consequences.

Luckily, you can still find great deals on the best paintballs available today.

My go-to pick Valken Infinity Paintballs provides amazing value for 2,000 rounds with thick shells that feed seamlessly into both hopper- and mag-fed markers.

Best Paintballs 2024

Product Details
1. Valken Infinity Paintballs

Great Value For Money

  • Thick Shell
  • Versatile
  • Price: $$
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2. VALKEN Graffiti Paintballs

High Level Of Accuracy

  • Circular Shape
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Price: $$$
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Thick & Sturdy Shell

  • 2-Tone Look
  • Fill Washes Off Easily
  • Price: $
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4. GXG Rubber Reusable Paintballs

Great For Target Practice

  • Reusable
  • Easy To Clean
  • Price: $
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1. Valken Infinity Paintballs Valken Infinity Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct - Orange-Orange Fill

Among the top choices of those paintballs players who are in search of the most reliable tournament paintballs are the Valken Infinity Paintballs.

What I instantly notice about this product is its thick shell. I find it beneficial because of its thick shell, which instantly means that it is highly durable and does not break that easily.

The paintballs are also very suitable for various players, especially for entry-level markers. I like the price of these paintballs, too, as they are made to be totally affordable while still prioritizing their quality.

In other words, you really get good value for your money when you purchase these paintballs.

Another impressive fact about the paintballs is that they tend to shoot straight and in a more accurate manner. This means that you will never have a difficult time beating your opponents on the field if you use these paintballs from Valken. I am also impressed with the overall structure of the paintballs.

They come out perfectly without any dimpled or broken parts. The robustness of the shell makes the paintball versatile, too, as it is compatible with both hopper-fed and mag-fed markers. I can guarantee potential users that it can handle even those markers known for their roughness on paintballs.

I think that the main reason behind the quality of this product is that the Valken brand puts in place excellent quality control and a high level of consistency and accuracy. It also provides up to 2,000 paintballs, which is already a great number.

I think that the packaging is poorly done, though, but that is tolerable with the quality you can get from these paintballs.
  • Comes with a thick and durable shell
  • Suitable for various players, especially for beginners
  • Can shoot straight and in an accurate manner
  • Versatile in the sense that it is compatible with hopper-fed and mag-fed markers
  • Can provide 2,000 paintballs
  • Poor packaging


2. VALKEN Graffiti Paintballs Valken Graffiti Paintballs - 68cal - 2,000ct - Orange Fill

You can also choose the Valken Graffiti Paintballs. One impressive fact about the paintballs is that they are constructed to showcase their top-shelf ability. The paintballs also take pride in their superior accuracy and excellent marking attributes.

One more thing that impresses users about the product is its ability to break on target in a more reliable manner. With that, it is no longer surprising to see these paintballs among the most popular ones in the industry. You can also use them in various fields, whether those designed for speedball and woodsball.

I can also assure potential users of the freshness of the paintballs. The fact that they are made and delivered weekly is a strong indication that all the paintballs are truly fresh. In addition, you have an assurance that no broken paintballs come in each package because of the brand’s strict quality control.

They make it a point to open the package or paint prior to shipment to make sure that there are no broken ones inside. You can also expect these paintballs to come in a circular shape. They are thick, too, without causing any brittleness. Dropping them on a hard surface, for instance, won’t cause them to break.

Despite such thickness, you can expect the paintballs to splatter nicely when used to shoot or hit a target. The paintballs are also guaranteed to fly straight without the risk of any curves.

The problem is that these are among the most expensive paintballs that you can purchase.
  • Superior accuracy and excellent marking attributes
  • Can break on target in a reliable manner
  • Ideal for various paintball fields
  • Comes in a circular shape while being thick and sturdy
  • Uses a good and protective packaging, thereby preventing any breaks
  • Expensive


3. GI Sportz XBALL CERTIFIED MIDNIGHT Paintballs GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs - Shell Varies - Aqua Fill (1,000 Count)

Another set of paintballs that I wish to recommend for regular and occasional paintball players is the XBALL CERTIFIED MIDNIGHT paintball offered by the highly reliable brand, GI Sportz. I like the fact that these paintballs are constructed to be used for recreational paintball while still retaining their dependability.

This means that you can depend on these paintballs once you get to the field. They are also constructed in such a way that they only break up in your marker on a very rare case. It comes with a thick and sturdy shell, which also boasts of its 2-tone look – blue and light blue.

I am greatly satisfied with the versatility of the paintballs, too. I noticed how versatile it is upon seeing how it works well on various paintball versions, including the general play, scenario games, as well as during tournament practices. It is compatible with the .68 caliber, which is often used in the field.

I also appreciate the fact that the fill used in these paintballs tend to wash off easily. This means that just in case the fill gets into your gear, you will not have problems washing it off or cleaning your gears up. I am so impressed with the shell used in this paintball, too. It is sturdy enough that it has a lower risk of breaking up right away.

I just hope for a more improved packaging that can offer better protection to the paintballs, especially during shipment, though.
  • Breaks down rarely
  • Ideal for use on recreational paintball as well as in tournaments and scenario games
  • Features a thick and sturdy shell that does not break easily
  • Easy to wash fill once it comes in contact with your gears
  • Highly versatile as it suits a number of paintball versions
  • Subpar and poor packaging


4. GXG Rubber Reusable Paintballs GXG Paintball Rubber 100 Reusable Paintballs - Yellow

It is also possible for you to greatly enjoy your choice if you pick the GXG Rubber Reusable Paintballs. The paintballs are primarily constructed in a way that they do not disappoint potential users as far as their performance and quality are concerned. With that in mind, I find the product worthwhile to recommend in this review.

It should be noted that these paintballs are made to be rubber-like, too. They are also constructed as .68 caliber balls that work in simulating paintballs. What is good about these reusable paintballs is that they are perfect for use, especially during target practice.

You can expect them to work well without spending too much paint. Another favorable advantage of the paintballs is the fact that they are completely safe when you use them on paintball hoppers and loaders, barrels, and guns. Each bag contains around 100 rounds of paintballs, which is not bad at all considering their price.

I also find the paintballs impressive because you can easily and simply rinse them and clean them with water, especially during those times when they get too dirty. This is a solid product, which you will never have problems using in the majority of paintball situations.

One flaw I noticed in the paintballs, though, is that they seem to be quite small, especially when used on the stock barrels offered by Tippmann.
  • Works great, especially during target practices
  • Does not expend or waste too much paint
  • Completely safe for use on hoppers, barrels, and guns
  • Good price and quantity of paintballs
  • Easy to clean and rinse
  • Quite small, especially when you are using the stock barrels from Tippmann


5. Veska Paintballs

Another set of paintballs that deserve a spot in this list is the one from Veska. What I noticed right away about the Veska paintballs is that they give potential users the chance to pick from its multiple options in terms of number and color. You can pick from sets containing 500, 1,000, and 2,000 paintballs.

As far as the color is concerned, I am pleased to say that you can choose from pink, orange, and yellow. It is important to note that it is mainly constructed for the .68 caliber. I am happy with the shell included in it because it is thick and durable while being capable of matching the needs of entry-level markers.

This type of paintball is also constructed for woodsball and recreational play. It is made in such a way that it shoots straight while breaking on target. This paintball comes in excellent condition while also ensuring that there is no break in it. It can hit the target well.

Another thing I find so impressive in this paintball is the fact that it is totally fresh. It does not have any rancid or unwanted smell because of its guaranteed freshness. It even comes with clean and smooth seams, which is a major help if your goal is to guarantee the accuracy of the paintballs.

The paintballs are also well-packaged. However, one issue that might disappoint potential users is the high price of the paintball.
  • Provides several choices in terms of number and color
  • Equipped with a thick and sturdy shell
  • Works well for entry-level markers as well as for woodsball and recreational play
  • Comes in a good packaging
  • Guaranteed to be fresh and boasts of clean and smooth seams
  • The price is slightly higher than the other paintballs.


6. May Vary Paintball Pellets

If you are searching for affordable pieces of paintball balls then the paintball pellets offered by May Vary are suitable for you. The paintball pellets are known for their quality and their good performance when used in the field. It is even possible for you to use these paintballs with a slingshot.

I am happy that it is available in several colors as it gives me the opportunity to take my pick. The paintballs are also constructed in a sturdy manner. That specifically means that it does not break that easily unless it specifically hits its target, which is a good thing in the field of paintball.

They perform quite well when used on the field. The price is also lower in comparison to other paintballs, which is a big advantage especially for paintball players who are on a budget. Offered at an incredible price while providing hundreds of hits and suiting the right caliber perfectly, I can say that these paintballs are major hits.

Many also consider these paintball pellets great for recreation. One more thing I am fond of about the paintballs is that it seems like the paint that comes with it is easy to clean. This means that once the paint comes into the clothes, washing it off is easy.

However, I am not very fond of the subpar packaging used in these paintballs as it seems to be poorly made and does not have much protection on the contents inside.
  • Excellent performance on the field
  • Available in a mix of colors, making them worthwhile to buy
  • Made to be sturdy so rest assured that they do not break that easily
  • Lower price compared to other paintballs
  • Provides hundreds of hits
  • Subpar and poorly made packaging


7. JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal Non-Toxic Paintball JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal Biodegradable Low Impact Non-Toxic Paintball Ammo -.

Another impressive product in the paintball category is the JT GI Splatmaster .50 Cal non-toxic paintball. As the name suggests, it is non-toxic so you have an assurance that it is truly safe to use on the field. You do not have to think and worry about experiencing any damage or harm just in case it gets to your mouth because of its non-toxic nature.

Aside from being non-toxic, I am satisfied that these .50 caliber paintballs are constructed to be not only low-impact but also 100% biodegradable. This means that they are also safe for the environment. I am also happy with their round and consistent shape. In addition, each shell contains a thick and bright fill.

It suits .50 caliber paintball guns well. Another great advantage of the paintballs is that cleaning them is easy. In fact, once they come in contact with your clothes, you will find it easy to clean them up with just water.

Each package is also carefully protected, which is one of the reasons why it often arrives at the hands of the buyers without anything broken. I am also glad to say that the paintballs ammo can be stored in a box and put it in a room temperature area without worrying about the paintballs leaking out or sticking together.

They are reasonably round and tend to shoot straight and accurately, too. Some of the buyers still find the paintballs quite pricey, though.
  • Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, making the paintballs safe for humans and the environment
  • Boasts of their round and consistent nature
  • Thick and durable shell with a nice and bright fill
  • Easy to clean and wash once it comes in contact with clothes
  • Less prone to breaks and damage because they are fully protected
  • Some users find the paintballs pricey.


8. Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintball

If you are looking for the best paintballs that you will never regret buying then I think that the Tiberius Arms First Strike will never cause any form of disappointment. It is mainly because it is one of those paintballs that deliver the utmost quality, especially once you start using them on the paintball field.

What I find so favorable about this paintball is the fact that it combines the fin stabilization technology with its aerodynamic shape. With that, I am sure that the paintball is capable of handling whatever situation in the paintball field you wish it to handle. Such a combination also ensures their ability to retain their velocity for a longer time.

You can, therefore, expect it to result in a 50% higher range as well as an unrivaled accuracy. It is also possible for you to use these in any gun you have. You will never have problems shooting the paintballs using your gun because of its versatility. With its self-rifling ability, I am sure that you will also enjoy its superior accuracy and range.

The use of the polystyrene shell in the paintballs also ensures that the paintballs will break on target an extended range. One more thing that I think this product takes pride in is its ability to handle even the most extreme temperatures as well as humidity and moisture.

The ultra-thick fill that you can see inside also promotes a superior level of visibility and marking.

However, one drawback you have to take note of is that it is bigger than the typical .68, so it is important for your barrel to be properly bored.
  • Boasts of an aerodynamic shape
  • Can handle all situations in the paintball field
  • Superior range and accuracy
  • Only breaks when used to shoot on target at an extended range
  • Promotes a superior level of visibility and marking, thanks to its ultra-thick fill
  • Bigger than typical .68


9. Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs

I am also sure that you will get nothing but high-quality paintballs if you pick the Elite Premium Paintballs from Wrek. Coming in a pack with up to 1,000 paintballs, I can assure you that you will never run out of these items while you are on the field. The quality of the paintballs is top-notch.

In fact, you can use them in hitting your targets with ease. The paintballs can be expected to shoot in a straight and accurate manner. The shell that is mainly used in covering the paint is sturdy while being available in a nice silver and red color. Such a shell is where its bright yellow fill is enclosed.

What is even greater about the fill is that anyone can easily clean them up so there is no need to worry just in case it hits their clothes or gears. I am also happy with the ability of the paintballs to hold up various kinds of weather.

This means that no matter what weather condition you use the paintballs, you have a guarantee that they can withstand it. The Elite Premium Paintballs are among the best performers in the industry because they can also minimize the risk of mid-air explosions and chopped balls.

You can also expect the paintballs to roll nicely from your marker’s barrel and shoot in an accurate manner.

The price is higher than other standard paintballs, though, but because of their guaranteed quality, they are worth it.
  • Guaranteed to be of top-notch quality
  • Can hit your targets easily
  • Comes with a fill that anyone can easily clean up
  • Holds up or resist various kinds of weather
  • Can minimize the risk of mid-air explosions and chopped balls
  • Comes with a higher price tag


10. DXS Basic Training Paintballs

Lastly, I would like to suggest making use of the DXS Basic Training Paintballs to make the most out of each of your paintballing experience. I am happy to say that it provides a good value for your money since you will already be getting 4 bags in one case. Each bag contains 500 paintballs, so enjoy a total of 2,000 pieces from this product.

It is also high-quality enough in the sense that you can see it being recommended often for recreational games. It is also possible for the paintballs to work as excellent practice balls, especially for tournament players.

Another of the most favorable advantages featured by the paintballs is the fact that they work great in all weather conditions. You never have to worry about the paintballs breaking down nor getting damaged in case you use them in a field or environment with harsh weather.

I am also happy that the fill in the paintball is eco-friendly. This means that it is not toxic nor harmful to the environment. It fits the standard .68 caliber well. Also, you have an assurance behind the sturdiness of its shell. It is tough and sturdy enough that it will never break once in your gun. It only breaks upon hitting its target.

A few dimples are noticeable in the paintballs, though, but rest assured that these are often isolated and rare cases.
  • Offers good value for its price
  • Works well for recreational games and tournaments
  • Compatible with all weather conditions
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes with a tough and sturdy shell
  • Some dimples noticed


What to Look For When Buying Paintballs

colorful training paintball

When shopping for the best paintballs for speedball, woodsball, or whatever kind of paintball version you are interested in, you need to figure out some important factors that can have a major impact on your ultimate decision.

A bad product tends to throw your accuracy or break prior to hitting your target. If you wish to shop for the best paintballs to use in your game then here are some of your ideal options.

Fortunately, these paintball brands and models are made in such a way that they can provide real value for the money you spend – whether on traditional ammo or even for paintball grenades.

Some factors and points to keep in mind are the following:


One major factor that should influence your final buying decision is the price of the paintballs. Everyone wants to get a hold of the best cheap paintball without hampering its overall quality and final performance on the field. In this case, you really have to carefully compare all your choices.

Evaluate the features associated with the price. Also, you have to make sure that you narrow down all your options based on which one perfectly fits your budget, especially if it is on a limited side. Go for a budget-friendly paintball, which can also provide the highest level of satisfaction in terms of performance, quality, and accuracy.


It is also necessary to check the caliber of the paintballs as this actually plays a major role in how good their quality is. Note that the typical paintball caliber is .68. However, you can also access other calibers, including the .40 and the .71.

Ensure that the size of your paintball matches the barrel’s bore. Such will prevent any bad experience while you are in the field while ensuring that you get the right performance out of the paintballs when you use the best paintball barrel for the job.


No matter what caliber you choose, it is still crucial for it to be accompanied by a truly durable and tough outer gelatin shell. Ensure it is really tough so it will never break after a bolt hits it. In most cases, highly-priced paintballs have a better chance of withstanding the risk of getting broken inside.

This way you can store them in your extra pod packs and load them in your hopper worry-free.

However, you can still find decently priced ones that offer the same level of quality. All it takes is for you to be serious about doing your search so you can truly find them. Apart from the toughness of the shell, you should also purchase perfectly round paintballs.

Make sure that there are no dimples or swellings as such can be a measure of their overall quality, which will become obvious when they go splat on the cool paintball mask of your competitor.

The Freshness Of The Paint

One thing that you have to take note of regarding paintballs is that most of them tend to age too fast. It is mainly because gelatin gets weaker over time naturally, causing the paintballs to break even before hitting their target. Also, there are other factors that might ruin and cause swelling to the paintballs.

These include humidity and moisture. With that in mind, you really have to make sure that you are getting a box of truly fresh paintballs. You also have the option of testing their freshness prior to each use. Testing them involves taking a handful of the paintball then dropping it into concrete from a 6-feet distance.

Ensure that the paintball bounces back to you. Continue dropping the paintball a few times until the time it breaks. If it tends to break in less than the third bounce, then it is not suitable for play. If you notice that it breaks only after more than five bounces, then you have an assurance that it is indeed fresh and suitable for the game.


It is also necessary to check the color of the paint prior to buying. The color also has a strong indication of whether or not you are getting the best paintball paint. If you are planning to play woodsball during the evenings or in case foliage or thick trees are present in the field, then consider going for bright and neon colors.

Some options for these colors are orange and red. Bright and neon colors are crucial in this sense because they have the tendency of contrasting against the camo clothes worn by your opponents.

Shooting Efficiency

Choosing the best and the most accurate paintball is also possible by spending time assessing its shooting efficiency. Note that a high-quality paintball is known for being highly efficient in shooting. Low-quality one has the tendency of bursting any time you shoot, creating a chaotic and messy situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Paintballs FAQs

How many paintballs come in a box/bag?

The number of paintballs present in a box actually depends on the actual size and model you have chosen to purchase. However, in standard and the majority of cases, paintballs come in a box containing 4 bags of 500 paintballs each. This means that you will be getting at least 2,000 paintballs.

Can I use paintballs in a slingshot?

Yes, you can. However, some real fields do not allow the use of a slingshot. It is mainly because you cannot chronograph it in a consistent manner. A decent slingshot can actually get you over 300 fps speeds.

Such velocities are considered higher when compared to what the goggles are mainly designed for. This might result in failure.

Are paintballs oil or water-based?

You can actually find both oil-based and water-based versions of paintballs. The cheaper version, which is the oil-based type, is actually used in the field. However, many find it more acceptable to use the water-based type.

It is mainly because the oil-based paint has the tendency of destroying or straining the field’s property, and the gears, skin, and clothing of players. It is not that good for your paintball gun, too, considering the fact that it is difficult to clean. In addition, it tends to create a sticky mess inside your gun in case the ball breaks.

This is why many prefer water-based paintballs. Aside from being good for the environment and your other paintball gears and equipment, it does not also cause a lot of mess. While it is usually costlier than the oil-based paintballs, it is still worthwhile to use on the field.

Are paintballs biodegradable?

Yes, they are. Note that paintballs are fully biodegradable. You can expect them to wash away from the majority of surfaces containing water. With their biodegradable nature, you can also expect the paintballs to vanish right after experiencing a rainstorm.

Another thing to take note of is that paintballs can be defined as gelatin capsules containing polyethylene glycol or oil, as well as a food coloring dye mix. You can expect both the fill and the shells to biodegrade naturally, so they will be unable to leave long-lasting marks in your environment.

What are paintballs made of?

Basically, the paintball is made of a shell constructed out of gelatin. The gel is designed in such a way that it can hold the fill well while ensuring that it does not break unless there is a truly heavy impact.

Another component of the paintballs is the fill, which refers to the liquid that you can see inside the paintball. The majority of modern paintballs today are constructed out of water-soluble dyes that are inside the polyethylene glycol.

If you are worried about whether or not the paintballs are toxic, then take note that there is no reason to be. It is mainly because most paintballs are fully non-toxic. This means that you do not have to worry too much just in case some of the paintballs are splattered in your mouth while in the field. Rest assured that it is non-toxic that it won’t cause any harm.

How many paintballs do I need?

While it is actually quite difficult to determine the exact number of paintballs that an individual can use while on the field, especially because it fully depends on how he/she enjoys the game, it is safe to provide a rough average estimate of usage.

In most cases, the average player can use around 200 paintballs every hour of play. The number can change based on your mood and how competitive you are.


Finding the best paintballs on the market should be on top of your priority if you want to ensure that you will enjoy the most fantastic experience while playing paintball.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to spot the best one. All it takes is to be knowledgeable about this topic and be fully guided by this article.

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