5 Best Paintball Elbow Pads & Arm Protection

paintball elbow pads - featured image

Elbow scrapes are not glorious. They may seem so in the movies, especially when they win the sympathies of a damsel, but in real life, this is a gruesome affair. Not only does it sting (very bad) and may even compromise your gameplay, but there is another, more sinister and unseen threat at hand: infection. …

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6 Best Paintball Gear Bags & Backpacks

A Paintballers backpack - featured image

No doubt, paintball bags seem overpriced at first take.  Especially not…  When you can get a backpack or duffel bag at Walmart for only a couple of bucks.  But that can’t be any further from the truth. There are subtle but crucial differences that make sacrificing a couple of bucks to get a paintball bag …

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Dangerous Power G5 Full Marker Review

Dangerous Power G5 - feature image

Do you want to jump straight into the paintball realm with a bang? Perhaps you want to shock and awe other players who look down at you because you’ve just started in the competitive realm. You can’t dole out all of your hard-gotten gains but don’t want to go cheap on a decent paintball marker …

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How To Clean Your Paintball Gun The Right Way

Cleaned up paintball guns - feature image

It’s not rocket science. Paintball guns, like every mechanical equipment, need regular maintenance. If you don’t clean your paintball gun, you risk damaging parts, jamming the barrel, or killing the marker altogether. But then again… What many players don’t know is that thoroughly cleaning the marker regularly can also cause some damage. In the process …

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5 Best Paintball Pods for Fast Reloading

Paintball pods - featured image

Ask any paintball player and they will tell you having the right paintball gear can make a huge difference. Can you imagine running out of ammo during a paintball tournament? If you want to step up your game, you need to invest in top-notch paintball pods. But what is the best paintball pod considering there …

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How To Play Paintball For Beginners

a group of paintball players - featured image

Yea!  Paintball is all fun and games.  But, to be honest, that’s only when you’re winning. Or, at least, know what it feels like to win. And then you can get better at the game and win on other days. Here’s the kicker: I’ll show you what it takes to win at paintball. And brush …

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Azodin Kaos 3 Review (Solid Entry Level Marker)

azodin kaos - feature image

New players are often intimidated by the costs and complexities of paintball. For some, the idea of being protected from tip to toe translates into a huge cut into their savings. Fret not…  You won’t be breaking your bank over today’s package deal, the Azodin Kaos 3 is the perfect entry-level deal, affordable and effective. …

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