5 Best Paintball Pods for Fast Reloading

Paintball pods - featured image

Ask any paintball player and they will tell you having the right paintball gear can make a huge difference. Can you imagine running out of ammo during a paintball tournament? If you want to step up your game, you need to invest in top-notch paintball pods. But what is the best paintball pod considering there …

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10 Best Paintball Barrels to Upgrade Your Marker

Best Paintball Barrels

Each component of your paintball gun or marker is vital for its overall performance in the paintball field. Even a simple and small component, like the barrel, plays a major role in its performance. That said, you really have to figure out which one is the best paintball barrel in the market today. Now… If …

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10 Best Paintballs To Buy (Reliable & Accurate)

Best Paintballs

The average paintballer uses around 200 paintballs for every hour of play. Which means: You need to make each paintball count. There is nothing worse than showing up to the field ready to wreak havoc on your opponents only to have your paint break, leak, or be downright inaccurate… So what I’m trying to tell …

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