About Us

Our History

Our product line originated as Tagline Incorporated in 1994. Brian Sullivan designed the original product, the TS1, as the ultimate paintball gun. His design was both beautiful and radical. Nothing like it had ever been developed.

In 1997 Maureen Steinwall acquired the company and renamed it Advanced Tactical Systems. Additional models were developed for the military and police to provide realistic, non-lethal, force-on-force training. Unlike conventional paintball markers that rely on gravity to feed a ball into the breech, the ATS guns use a magazine similar to a real weapon. The magazine design allows the gun to emulate the performance and feel of the M-16. ATS quickly became the world leader in military simulation paintball guns.

The same high quality methodology respected in the tactical training field is now available to you, the serious recreational player, through Get Real™ Paintball. Get Real is committed to providing an extreme recreational experience through the most realistic product on the market. Get Real.

Management Staff

Maureen Steinwall: Owner

Maureen has made the commitment to produce the best military simulation paintball guns in the world. She provides the leadership that has made AT Systems the world leader in military simulation paintball guns. She has created Get Real™ Paintball specifically for the paintball player who wants the most realistic experience possible.

Mike Lavelle: President

Mike provides the management and organizational muscle for Get Real™ Paintball. He has over 25 years of experience in management. He holds a masters degree and a PhD. He is also an adjunct professor with regional universities teaching marketing, strategic planning, small business management, supervision and leadership.

Robb Lussier: General Manager

Robb has been playing paintball for 18 years, and has been building guns for us for 12 of those years. He is responsible for production. Before working for us he helped run a paintball field for three years. He maintained guns as well as being one of the gun techs for players with gun problems. From running games to helping new players with their first purchase, he has always loved the game. Robb’s experience has made our product world class and Get Real™ Paintball a great company to work for.