Best Paintball Guns For Beginners & Pros: Top Marker Brands For The Money in 2020

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Whether or not you are a paintball newbie or a speedballing pro, you need the best equipment possible to give yourself an extra edge in the field.

…and that edge starts with choosing the best paintball marker you can get your hands on.

But here’s the thing:

With 242 paintball guns on the market, it’s no easy task.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 27 markers you should even consider for your next paint-lashing outing.


You don’t want to be that guy who went cheap and has their (inaccurate) gun jamming up all the time.

So sit back, relax, and imagine yourself dominating your next paintball game—unlike your competition who was too lazy to read this 20,000-word mega guide…

Let’s get crackin’.

Best Paintball Guns 2020

Product Details
1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

Nearly Indestructible

  • Realistic AR-15 Design & Feel
  • Pneumatic
  • Price: $$
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2. Tippmann A-5 Sniper

High Level Of Accuracy

  • Extremely Reliable
  • Mechanical
  • Price: $$
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3. Spyder Victor

Excellent Performance

  • All-Aluminum
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Price: $
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4. T4E Umarex Pistol

Most Parts Are Metal

  • Accepts All .43-Cal. Ammo
  • Lightweight
  • Price: $$
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5. Empire Mini GS

Versatile, But Has Small Frame

  • On/Off ASA Switch
  • Smooth Trigger Pull
  • Price: $$$
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1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

The Tippmann TMC MAGFED is probably what you need if you are looking for a paintball gun, which is more high-end. What I am most proud of about investing in this paintball gun is that it is capable of outshooting and outlasting its competition.

This gun actually falls under the pneumatic category, which means that it does not come with electrical components. While this means that it only comes with a semi-auto firing mode, I still find it beneficial because compared to some electrical guns, this one lasts longer.

I am also glad that it has an almost indestructible construction as it makes use of sturdy metal for its main parts. Some of the parts of this paintball gun that are constructed out of metal are the inner gears, the bolt, the trigger assembly, and the frame.

With such construction and design, I am sure that those parts of this marker that use polymer will never hamper its overall performance. The used polymer material is also the high-grade type, which is the reason why it is truly durable and strong. It is capable of shooting under all conditions while maintaining its reliability and consistency.

Another remarkable thing about this gun is that it is capable of switching between a hopper and a magazine. Moreover, it can make you feel like you are holding a real AR15 rifle. It also boasts of its fully operational charging handle.

If you want to get more value for your money then consider getting the package version of this paintball marker, which comes with almost everything you need to operate it efficiently, including the hopper, anti-fog mask, harness, and round pods.

However, take note that this paintball gun is a bit complex and challenging to disassemble.
  • Sturdy metal construction on main parts
  • Longer-lasting than other electrical markers
  • Utilizes a strong, durable, and high-grade polymer
  • Features a fully operational charging handle
  • Simulates the AR15 rifle
  • Slightly difficult to disassemble
Overall, this is an excellent option if you wish to invest in Tippmann guns, especially those in the best mag fed paintball gun category.

2. Tippmann Cronus Basic

The Tippmann Cronus Basic is also an ideal option for those who wish to take advantage of the best gun. What’s good about this product is that it lets you gain access to its Cronus Paintball Gun Mega Set if you wish to take a hold of a package containing almost all the things you need to play the game.

Offered at an affordable price, I’m sure that you will be pleased to know that it comes complete with an anti-fog paintball mask, CO2 tank, paintball harness, round paintball pods, and round gravity fed loader. As for the paintball marker itself, I can say that it is built well because it’s capable of withstanding tough abuse in outdoor environments.

It works well not only for beginners but also for some intermediate players. Another impressive thing I noticed is its rigid composite construction, making it long-lasting. It looks cool and attractive as its body emulates the military simulation (mil-sim) style. It is built to be lightweight, too.

With such weight, it makes it suitable even for young players as well as those with poor endurance or who have a small stature. I also find the molded rubber grips integrated into the Cronus helpful as such features promote ease in holding it.

Furthermore, it has an internal gas line designed to maximize the comfort of users while ensuring that the gun will move with ease even when dealing with tension-filled moments.

It is also designed to shoot well while making you feel at ease each time you fire it because aside from being easy to hold, it has a minimal recoil.

However, take note that upgrades may still be necessary for the stock barrel if you want to boost the marker’s accuracy.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Can withstand tough outdoor elements
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Guarantees minimal recoil when firing
  • Works for young players
  • The stock barrel might need upgrades for better shooting accuracy.
To conclude, I can safely say that Tippmann Cronus still works as the perfect paintball marker, especially for players who are still beginners in the field.


3. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

I am sure that you will gain satisfaction if you decide to invest in the tactical version of the Tippmann Cronus. I find it effective for beginners and intermediate players who wish to target their opponents better and more accurately while they are on the paintball field.

I highly suggest that you also check out this product’s 3Skull mega set if you want to ensure that you get a real value for your investment. It is because it gives you a set of most of the things you need to operate this tactical paintball marker with ease without having to purchase them individually or separately.

Some of the inclusions in the set are the mask, which also features an anti-fog lens and a visor, a black hopper, a CO2 tank equipped with a pin valve, a paintball harness, and heavy-duty paintball clear tubes.

As indicated in our Tippmann Cronus review, I’m pretty sure that you’ll instantly see how good it is once you notice its high-quality features and benefits. It is a robust paintball marker, which actually looks cool because it resembles the M-16. It is totally lightweight without compromising its sturdiness.

One thing I really appreciate about this gun is its reliability. It is reliable enough that you are assured of its accurate shots each time you fire it. I am glad that it is engineered in such a way that it becomes user-friendly, too. One more thing I like about it is that it requires the least maintenance while still ensuring that it lasts longer.

Opening and cleaning it up is also very easy. You will also find it easy to customize.

One issue, though is that the integrated barrel is a bit shorter than what some players initially expected.
  • Lightweight without compromising its sturdiness
  • Looks cool as it resembles M-16
  • Highly reliable and accurate shots
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Shorter than expected built-in barrel
This is still the best paintball gun that suits most paintball players because it promotes ease and comfort while being lightweight and durable.

4. Azodin Blitz 3

Another product that works perfectly for beginners in the field of paintball is the Azodin Blitz 3. Just like the two previously mentioned product, I am glad to announce that it also features a starter package, which is a good thing if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to buy its parts separately.

With the starter package, you get the chance to take a hold of the new feather regulator, the mass flow valve, the lock feed neck, the scythe trigger, anti-fog mask, HPA tank, round hopper, neck protector, half-finger gloves, chest protector, and much more. The Blitz 3 paintball gun itself is truly remarkable.

One of its most remarkable benefits is the fact that it is highly dependable. It is built to never let its users down while they are on the paintball field. What I am so happy about in this paintball marker is the fact that it has a solid and durable nylon-reinforced composite frame.

It is solid and sturdy enough that it won’t fail you regardless of how challenging the playing field or environment is. Another plus of this product is the fact that it is lighter than other paintball markers. In fact, it only weighs 2 lbs., which is a good thing if you want to experience an excellent mobility while in the field.

I like the streamlined design of this paintball gun, too. I noticed that it does not come with any stray or protruding hoses and fittings, so it never interrupts my game, especially during battle scenes. It also boasts of its safe feed neck because it has a built-in screw lock system.

It offers an assurance that the loader won’t dismantle during the paintball game.

One problem with this paintball marker, though, is the fact that it is remarkably loud.
  • Comes with a complete package version
  • Makes use of a solid and durable nylon-reinforced composite frame
  • Lightweight as it weighs only 2 lbs.
  • Boasts of its streamlined design
  • Does not dismantle during your game
  • Operates a bit loudly
Undeniably, this is an excellent all-around paintball gun, which you can use in tournaments or just when you would like to enjoy a fun day shooting with your loved ones.

5. Tippmann 98 Platinum

Another impressive product offered by Tippman is its 98 Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball Marker, which also has a packaged variety in the form of the 3Skull Paintball Marker MEGA Set. If you decide to get the package version then expect to get other features and items aside from the Tippmann 98 custom marker.

Some of the items present in the package are the mask featuring a visor and anti-fog lens, the black hopper, the 20-oz. CO2 tank, the deluxe paintball harness, clear tubes, the 21-inch orange jerk squeegee, and the 1-oz. gold cup oil. I am also one hundred percent sure that you will find the paintball marker favorable and impressive.

It is mainly because it is designed to be an easy to use and user-friendly semi-automatic paintball gun, which is known for delivering a highly reliable performance that you can effortlessly upgrade. It is filled with updated features and benefits designed to ensure that you stay on top of your game.

One impressive benefit I would like to share about this paintball gun is that it promotes ease of access to the internal components because of its split receiver design. This promotes a more simplified and easier installation process, especially as far as using accessories and adding upgrades are concerned.

It is also engineered to be tough, allowing it to handle tough scenarios and conditions, including the extreme weather and certain actions, like rolling and crawling that are part of paintball. The sturdy metal used in its construction also promotes a comfy grip on both the rear and front end.

It takes pride in its stylish look, too.

However, you might need to do some tweaking on the accuracy out of the box before you can use it.
  • Easy to customize and upgrade
  • Guarantees ease of access to internal components
  • Easy to install
  • Can deal with tough scenarios and situations
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Some tweaking required to improve accuracy
Overall, this paintball marker is an excellent choice for beginners because of its ease of operation and the fact that it is easy to upgrade and customize.

6. Tippmann A-5

I also suggest that you should check out the A-5, which is offered by Tippmann if what you wish to invest in is a paintball marker guaranteed to work for beginners and intermediate players. It is totally affordable plus easy to customize and upgrade.

I think this is a perfect choice for those who are interested in scenario play and woodsball. You may also decide to invest in its mega set, which is composed of the A-5 marker itself, and other valuable equipment and gears, including the mask with anti-fog lens and mask, paintball harness, orange jerk squeegee, paintball clear tubes, 20-oz. CO2 tank, and black hopper.

What I really love about the Tippman A-5 is that it works as a rapid-fire marker utilizing the patented cyclone feed system, which is helpful in empowering more rapid shots by ensuring that the air system is connected to the feeder sprocket. It does not require an electronic loader, too, making it easier to load and shoot paintballs.

It is also long-lasting as it makes use of aluminum die-cast material for its receiver as well as a sturdy black finish, which is not prone to blemishes. It can minimize wear and tear and recoil with the aid of its shock-absorbent end cop. Furthermore, it boasts of its wide-mouthed hopper capable of holding up to 200 rounds.

It also guarantees a longer front grip, thanks to its enhanced ergonomics.

However, you have to remember that it is not the lightest paintball gun available on the market.
  • Affordable while being easy to upgrade and customize
  • Long-lasting, thanks to its aluminum die-cast construction
  • Guarantees rapid shots
  • Promotes ease when loading and shooting paintballs
  • Better ergonomics than the others
  • Not that lightweight
Overall, it is a highly efficient paintball gun for casual beginners as well as intermediate paintball players who would like to improve their gameplay further.

7. Spyder Victor

The Spyder Victor Paintball Gun is also one of the bestselling Spyder paintball guns today and there are numerous reasons for it. One thing you have to take note of about this bestselling product is that it also has its affordable 3Skull package set counterpart.

The set is reasonably priced and features a number of things aside from the paintball gun itself. These include the GXG XSVN mask, which comes equipped with anti-fog lens and visor, premium 2003d hopper, and a 200-oz CO2 tank. Expect the tank to have its own pin valve, too.

One thing I instantly find remarkable about the Spyder Victor is its excellent performance. I find it highly durable, too. It is light and compact. I think that it is all because of how it was designed as well as its all-aluminum body featuring a matte finish. You can operate it using compressed air or CO2.

I also noticed how impressive it is once I figured out that it lets users customize its features, including the shot’s velocity. It guarantees a better and more comfortable grip considering the fact that it features a grip panel. It is also possible for you to control your shots because of its external velocity adjuster.

I am happy with the overall stability of this paintball gun, too. I think that it is stable because of its micro-ported, 10-inch barrel. Required cleaning and oiling for this paintball gun can also be completed in as little as five minutes.

However, the screws used in the gun are prone to getting loose after using it for a few games so you need to tighten them from time to time.
  • Highly durable all-aluminum body
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Allows you to operate it using either compressed air or CO2
  • Comes with customizable features
  • Promotes a more comfortable grip
  • Screws tend to loosen up with several uses
Still, it is an excellent investment and works well as a great entry-level paintball marker because of its lightness, sturdiness, and great performance.

8. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

The last product that any beginner in the field of paintball should check out is the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo. You can get the Paintball Gun Player package that corresponds to this unit in case you want more returns on your investment.

It is because the package version comes complete not only with the paintball gun itself but also with an anti-fog mask, gravity-fed hopper, 20-oz. CO2 tank, paintball pods, paintball harness, and much more. I think one of the most appealing benefits of this paintball gun from Tippmann is its extremely cool look.

Offered at an affordable price, you will surely get a lot of benefits from this product. It even delivers a high level of accuracy during each battle. You can even upgrade it in a way that it perfectly suits your specific battle requirements.

Some of the materials used in this product are stainless steel and aluminum – both of which are highly durable, thereby ensuring that the gun won’t break down when used in combat. I am also pleased with the fact that this paintball marker comes with adjustable and detachable rear and front sights to guarantee a high level of comfort.

I am also happy that this paintball gun is quick and easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Reinstalling it is also very easy. It should be noted that while this gun was originally created in actual military simulations, especially those that involve team tactics, it is also ideal for woodsball players.

One more advantage of this paintball gun is that it can steadily deliver smooth shots without causing stress or the use of too much energy with the aid of its mechanical trigger.

One flaw I encountered, though, is that it is not that lightweight.
  • Looks cool and stylish
  • Affordable without skimping on benefits and features
  • Highly durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to adjust and detach rear and front sights
  • Delivers smooth shots steadily
  • Not that lightweight
With the numerous benefits and features provided by this paintball gun from Tippmann, I can safely say that it is indeed one of the most impressive entry-level products in this industry.

Intermediate to Pro (Mid-range) Paintball Guns – If you are an intermediate or a professional player who does not want to invest too much on the most expensive paintball gun yet, then rest assured that there are numerous markers currently available that are just in the mid-range category as far as their costs are concerned.

In this specific section, I’ll introduce you to some options for the top pro paintball guns that also work for intermediate players. What’s good about them is that they are just in the mid-range category, not that high-end, so there is still a guarantee that you can get them at reasonable prices.

9. Empire Mini GS

One product that leaves a lasting and positive impression on me is the Empire Mini GS. It is a popular marker known for its efficiency and versatility. It is a great intermediate paintball gun, which you can get at an affordable price, making it truly cost-effective.

You can, therefore, invest in it if you wish to upgrade from your starter paintball marker. The primary design of this paintball marker is actually for speedball but rest assured that it is versatile enough that it can also work for any other type of paintball game.

I am greatly satisfied with the ease involved in degassing the HPA tank of this unit because of the on/off ASA switch. With this benefit, I also realized that it promotes ease in tank removal, thereby preventing any damage to the O-rings of the gun.

This specific paintball marker is easy and comfortable to hold, too. I think it is due to its sleek and rubberized foregrip. It is also greatly possible for this paintball marker to promote a smoother trigger pull – that’s all thanks to its self-lubricating trigger designed in such a way that it can minimize friction.

Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to adjust the tightening grip surrounding the hopper’s neck because of the presence of the clamping feed neck.

The main problem, though, is that it has a small frame size, causing slight discomfort to bigger and taller players.
  • An affordable choice for intermediate players
  • Highly versatile as you can use it for various gameplay
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Guarantees a smooth trigger pull
  • Comes with a clamping feed neck
  • Slightly uncomfortable for bigger players because of the small frame
Despite that issue, this is still a reliable intermediate paintball gun as it is not only affordable but also built with high quality and performance in mind.

10. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed

If you are in search of a tournament-grade paintball marker then the Dye Proto Rize MaXXed won’t disappoint you in any way. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it utilizes a circuit board with state-of-the-art technology guaranteed to deliver various firing rates.

With such technology, I am sure that you will ensure full control when taking a hold of your gun, providing you with a high level of accuracy during each game. I also realized how advantageous this paintball gun is upon realizing that it is actually very fun to use it for shooting while being easy to handle.

In my opinion, such a fun and comfortable handling experience can be attributed to its built-in dual-gripped handle. It is also designed in such a way that it will last. It makes use of high-grade aluminum material, thereby promoting a high level of durability and sturdiness while also preventing immediate wear and tear.

It delivers a high level of accuracy, too. I think it is mainly because it makes use of less air since it comes equipped with a uniquely designed Fuze bolt. It is also lightweight at around 4 lbs. only, thereby promoting ease when you are carrying it around.

Furthermore, it operates silently. However, take note that it is not as ergonomically designed when you compare it to other paintball guns and gear.
  • Uses a state-of-the-art circuit board
  • Promotes a high level of accuracy
  • Easy to handle and shoot
  • Highly durable plus capable of resisting wear and tear
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Not as ergonomically designed as the others
Overall, this paintball gun makes for a sound investment because it showcases a high level of reliability and quality plus it is lightweight and easy to use.

11. Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Another paintball gun worthy of anyone’s attention is the Planet Eclipse Etha 2. What I initially liked about it is that it is designed to be reliable, refined, robust, and feature-packed. I like its overall construction as I recognized how robust it is, making it capable of handling harsh environments.

No matter how harsh the paintball field is, it can handle it with the sturdy composite material used for its external construction as well as the tough aircraft-grade aluminum material used for its exteriors. It is also easily maneuverable as it is not only lightweight but also well-balanced.

I am also glad that it has a minimal recoil as it works in facilitating a more accurate aim. It is perfect for a wide range of users, including young and old players, as well as beginners and intermediate and professional players looking for a paintball gun or marker in the mid-range category.

Another plus is the fact that it is built with a high level of accuracy. With that, rest assured that it lets you hit your aim or target even if you are far from it. I also find pleasure in the adequate grip spacing offered by the trigger because it lets me hold the marker in a more effective manner.

However, note that it has a higher air consumption. You can manage it, though, by using a few more pods.
  • Robust composite external construction
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Highly accurate
  • Adequate grip spacing provided in the trigger
  • Higher air consumption
With the many positive qualities and benefits of Planet Eclipse Etha 2, all players will surely agree that it is a perfect addition to their paintball collection.

12. Empire Axe 2.0

If you want to prioritize smoothness of operation and a high level of accuracy then I think the newly improved Empire Axe 2.0 is perfect for you. One great advantage I noticed about this option is that it is built and offered by Empire, which has already established an excellent reputation in terms of creating high-quality markers.

With that in mind, it is also greatly possible for the Empire Axe 2.0 to deliver what it promises in terms of excellent performance and reliability. I think that one reason behind its highly removable and proven performance is the fact that it makes use of a poppet engine capable of controlling pressure.

It also comes with a 2-piece barrel known not only for its lightness but also for its high level of accuracy. I am pleased to announce that it also lets you adjust its firing modes as its shockwave board is equipped with multiple firing modes that you can adjust. You can adjust it to semi-auto, full-auto, ramp, and burst.

One more thing that leaves a good impression on me is the fact that it delivers non-slip protection from elements considering the fact that it features a wrap-around foregrip. Maintaining it is also hassle-free because it does not need any tools. All it takes is for you to use the push button system utilized for the bolt removal.

However, you may need to spend on upgrades for the barrel to further enhance its overall performance.
  • Smooth operation and accuracy
  • Can control pressure with its poppet engine
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with adjustable firing modes
  • Offers a non-slip protection from the elements
  • Upgrades may still be necessary for the barrel
It is one of the bestselling paintball guns on Amazon, though, as it continues to showcase its reliability, quality, and excellent performance to its users.

13. Planet Eclipse ETEK5

If you are searching for a paintball marker, which you can use for competition gameplay or tournaments then the Planet Eclipse ETEK5 is surely one of the products you should prioritize. It has plenty of amazing features and benefits. One amazing benefit is its high level of reliability and efficiency provided by the Zick3 rammer system.

I also noticed that it is capable of regulating air flow with ease – thanks to the built-in SL4 inline regulator. I am pretty satisfied with the accuracy of this marker, which, I think, can be attributed greatly to the incorporation of the Cure5 bolt in it.

The high level of efficiency provided by the marker is also a big plus. It is highly efficient as it only uses 85 PSI of operating pressure. In other words, it does not consume too much area, saving your gas while also boosting the accuracy of your gun.

Since it has a low operating pressure, I find it super silent, too allowing you to target your opponents without them noticing. It also weighs around 2 lbs. only so rest assured that you can carry it the entire day comfortably and without causing you to slow down.

The composite frame of this paintball gun tends to make some users feel uncomfortable, though because it is a bit vast plus it comes with a big seam in the middle.
  • Highly reliable and efficient
  • Can regulate air flow
  • Low operating pressure, thereby saving gas
  • Operates silently
  • Easy to carry because it is lightweight
  • Large composite frame and seam in the middle
Still, The best paintball gun is a frontrunner in the industry as it performs well for different types of players, especially intermediate to professional ones.

14. Planet Eclipse GTEK

If what you are looking for is an intermediate to pro paintball marker in the mid-range category then I am sure that you will find the Planet Eclipse GTEK a perfect choice. I realized how effective it is for paintball players as it combines great value, efficiency, and reliability in just one product.

I find this paintball gun so impressive because it packs a lot of power while still utilizing little air. It is mainly because of the breech sensing technology it uses, which works in sealing the firing chamber when shooting, saving plenty of valuable air. It operates at 30 psi with each shot, making it truly efficient.

I am also pleased with the ease of maintenance involved in this paintball gun. It even gives users the opportunity to fine-tune its overall performance and speed. In addition, it provides multiple firing options, namely the semi, full auto, 3-shot burst, and the PSP mode.

It also operates with low pressure, thereby ensuring that it works with incredible gentleness. With that, rest assured that it lets you shoot even those tournament-quality paintballs without the risk of breaking them. It is also one of the lightest paintball guns on the market so rest assured that it won’t slow you down.

One downside, though, is that it is a bit bigger than what some users initially expected but rest assured that its size won’t hamper its performance in any way.
  • Powerful while utilizing less air
  • Operates efficiently with 30 psi per shot only
  • Easy to maintain
  • Allows you to fine-tune its speed and performance
  • Low-pressure operation
  • A bit bigger than what some users expected
Overall, this is an amazing paintball gun, which does not only deliver an impressive performance but is also quiet, lightweight, and affordable.

15. Empire Paintball Axe Pro

Another reliable option for intermediate and professional players looking for a mid-range marker is this Empire Axe. Again, this is from a really reputable brand, Empire, which, I think, instantly shows how really good it is. It has a great design and ergonomics that promote ease in using it while making it powerful.

I also like the huge update made by Empire in this paintball gun as it now comes with a better waterproofing ability as well as an improved functioning trigger. Another valuable advantage of this paintball gun is that it boasts of a better fitting grip. It has an extended grip, promoting ease and comfort when holding it even for a long period.

You can also easily hold it even if you are shooting, diving behind barricades, or running. Another major plus of this product is that it has an easy to adjust bolt. It is a remarkable thing as it ensures that you can easily clean it up, thereby extending its life and making it more fun to use.

It has a strong, durable, and solid frame, too, which is guaranteed to last for a long time despite tough use. Furthermore, it works quietly so you can slip around the battlefield without anyone noticing.

One problem, though, is that it is slightly heavy as it has a weight of over 5 lbs.
  • Great design and ergonomics
  • Waterproof and comes with a fully functional trigger
  • Promotes a better fit on the grip
  • Easy to clean up due to its adjustable bolt
  • Built with a strong and solid frame
  • Slightly heavy
Despite being heavy, Empire Paintball Axe Pro Gun more than makes up for it with its power, strength, accuracy, and efficiency.

16. Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R

In my opinion, another great product designed for intermediate and professional players within the mid-range paintball marker category is the Planet Eclipse GTEK 160R. It is an improved version of its previous counterpart, the Planet Eclipse GTEK. The feel is much better in the GTEK 160R.

It is because some of its parts make use of aluminum, which makes them more high-end. With the aluminum material used in some parts of this marker, expect it to be able to showcase a tighter tolerance. You will also notice the better grip and fit of the foregrip and the trigger frame.

It feels natural and comfortable when you are holding it. I also fell in love with the 4 points of adjustment incorporated into the gun’s trigger. Among the adjustments you can make are for the post-travel, pre-travel, micro-switch, and spring tension. With that, you can make adjustments on the trigger so it can meet your preference.

It also has an OLED board, which is a nice added touch to the paintball marker since it promotes ease in changing the settings while monitoring the battery level. The fact that it utilizes aluminum for its construction also makes it capable of minimizing the vibration often produced each time you fire the gun.

Some users find the paintball gun too big for their hands, though.
  • Guarantees a tighter tolerance and better fit and grip
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Features multiple points of adjustment on the trigger
  • Easy to change settings because of its OLED board
  • Minimal vibration, thanks to its aluminum construction
  • Slightly bigger for the hands of some users
Overall, it is an excellent marker, which will never fail to deliver what it initially promises to its users, including its smooth performance and reliability.

Intermediate – Pro (High-end) Paintball Guns – The next set of products I would like to introduce to you are those that are mainly designed for intermediate and professional players who are willing to invest in expensive paintball markers that are on the higher end. If you are one of them then rest assured that the high-end products mentioned here are of top-notch quality.

Just ensure that when making your choice, you figure out which one fits your set budget the most and can provide you with the best value for the money you spent.

17. SP Shocker RSX

I think that the SP Shocker RSX is one of the frontrunners in the high-end category as it is capable of providing you utmost quality with its overall design and construction. It can provide you with an excellent experience while on the field because it is not only good for casual gameplay but also for serious tournaments.

One thing I noticed in this paintball gun immediately is the fact that it is small, compact, and light. It is extremely light. In fact, I can safely say that it is the most lightweight high-end paintball marker available in the market as it only weighs around 1.70 lbs. It also delivers a smooth shot as well as a quiet operation.

In my opinion, it is mainly because of the use of an electronic pneumatic solenoid. What is good about the solenoid integrated into this paintball gun is that it is totally adjustable. With that, you can control its cycle rate, allowing you to decrease or increase the cycle time based on your preference.

I also noticed how powerful and accurate it is. It is even highly efficient because it tends to get its job done while utilizing the least amount of pressure. It can even offer a tactical advantage when you are on the battlefield because of its 4-point precision trigger.

However, because this is a high-end product, expect its price to be on the higher scale, too.
  • Works for both casual gameplay and tournaments
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Promotes smooth shots and quiet operation
  • Guarantees ease in controlling the cycle rate
  • Offers a tactical advantage with its 4-point precision trigger
  • Pricey
The quality of this paintball gun is top-notch, though, so it is definitely worth its high price.

18. Dye DSR

Another great contender in the high-end category is the Dye DSR. I think that it is worthwhile to check out because of the many things it can offer to its potential users. One impressive benefit I’d like to highlight is its ability to deliver an excellent performance in just a single robust and reliable package.

I can attribute it to the new and modern ARC bolt system that it uses. It is because this system helps the paintball marker deliver smooth, highly efficient, and quiet shots all the time. It also assures users of a high level of air efficiency because of its optimized flow charts, air supply cut-off, almost zero shot chamber expansion, and valve control.

I am also impressed with the inclusion of a Hyper 6 regulator in this paintball marker. This regulator is not only efficient but also consistent. It ensures that it shoots at the same speed and distance regardless of the number of rounds fired per second. It also promotes great accuracy with its 14-inch 2-piece barrel.

With the paintball marker’s low-profile design as well as its all-aluminum construction, I’m sure you’ll find it hassle-free to use, too.

However, take note that it also sometimes bring out a bit of discomfort because of the fact that it is not that spaced out.
  • Comes in a single robust and reliable package
  • Delivers smooth and quiet shots, thanks to its ARC bolt system
  • Great air efficiency
  • Promotes an efficient and consistent regulator
  • Low-profile design and sturdy all-aluminum construction
  • Not that spaced out
Overall, Dye DSR Paintball Marker is a revolutionary product that you should check out if you want to improve your gameplay.

19. Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS

If you are searching for a tournament-ready paintball gun then you’ll never go wrong by choosing the Smart Parts SP Shocker XLS. It is the perfect choice for anyone like me who loved the RSX but want a more improved version to make the paintball game even more fun.

It is the redesigned and improved version of the RSX. That said, expect it to showcase the outstanding performance of its previous RSX platform while providing more improvements here and there. It comes with some changes and improvements on the firing chamber that further increase its volume while decreasing its operating pressure.

Expect to enjoy a low 145 psi operating pressure from this paintball marker. Another reason why I really enjoy using this paintball marker is that it has a more improved regulator, which promotes not only a quicker recharge rate but better flow.

It also has a new design, which promotes ease of maintenance. It makes use of a more robust and larger hardware, thereby extending its life. I love the fact that it has a new regulator placement and a reshaped trigger guard. It is because this makes it more ergonomic, promoting ease and comfort when it comes to handling it.

It is an expensive product, though, so make sure that you are willing to spend on this high-end marker before buying.
  • Operates at a low 145 psi operating pressure
  • Guarantees a quick recharge rate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Makes use of a highly robust and long-lasting hardware
  • Ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to handle
  • Slightly expensive
The outstanding performance of this paintball marker more than makes up for its price, though, so it is definitely worth the investment.

20. Planet Eclipse LV1.5

Another of the high-end paintball guns that you should consider investing in is the Planet Eclipse LV1.5. Many consider it as the perfect paintball gun for intermediate and advanced players considering the fact that it is rich in great features while being designed in such a way that it showcases its high level of quality.

I like the latest design and sculpting used in the paintball gun’s body because it comes with dynamic lines and darts designed to make it look even more functional. It also boasts of its updated feed system and low-profile feed neck – both of which are beneficial as they make the marker more low profile.

I am happy with the reliability and robustness of this gun, too, which is provided by its locking sprocket thumbwheel. This paintball gun is also designed to accelerate in a slower and gentler manner, thanks to the Zick3 rammer system used.

It also makes use of two weight rammers with each one having different purposes – the first one is to improve the efficiency while the other is to make its operating pressure as low as possible. Expect minimal vibration from this rammer, too, since it has a bolt and rammer that can generate small forces.

It is only designed for intermediate and advanced players, though, making it a bit difficult to handle for beginners.
  • Well-designed and better body sculpting
  • Low-profile construction
  • Highly reliable and robust
  • Accelerates in a slower and gentle manner
  • Minimizes vibration – thanks to its built-in bolt and rammer
  • Difficult for beginners to handle
With the many advanced and functional features and benefits integrated into this paintball marker, I am sure that it will win the hearts of intermediate and advanced players of paintball.

21. Dye M2

Another high-end paintball marker that I’m sure every player, whether intermediate or professional, will love is the Dye M2. One remarkable fact about it is that it makes use of a solid frame, making it robust right away.

I am glad that it makes use of high-grade aluminum for its construction, too because I’m aware of how lightweight yet strong this material is. I am fond of its low-profile design because I think it is effective in providing me with a more tactical edge over my opponents.

It is also highly accurate even if you are in a stressful situation because of its magnetic trigger system. It is completely efficient and accurate with the aid of its internal pressure sensor. It also makes use of a fuse bolt system, which lets you fire it smoothly with minimal pressure.

The lightness of this paintball gun is also one of the reasons why you can carry it the entire day without weighing you down or causing exhaustion. Since it only makes use of a low operating pressure, I can also guarantee users that it is capable of firing silently, thereby promoting ease in moving around the field undetected.

One of the issues I encountered in this paintball gun is the fact that it is quite difficult to upgrade/update.
  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Low-profile design, offering a tactical advantage on the field
  • Uses a magnetic trigger system, which improves accuracy
  • Fires smoothly with minimal pressure
  • Uses a low operating pressure
  • Difficult to upgrade/update
Despite that, the best paintball gun still has several things that make it praiseworthy and favorable, so your money will never be put to waste when you buy it.

22. Planet Eclipse Geo CS2

Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 is also another high-end paintball marker designed not to disappoint its potential users. What I like about this paintball marker is that I heard how it was engineered to work as the best in the industry. It is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who wish to conquer, win, and be the best in the paintball field.

It looks cool and fantastic while being filled with valuable features that make it on top of the industry. It has a more compact and lighter body in comparison to its previous versions as the manufacturers made it a point to do extensive milling alternations not only to the body but also to the frame.

It also boasts of its sleek and streamlined appearance. I also fell in love with this marker’s 2-piece grip system equipped with a new and innovative locking design. With this, you can easily access the board just by moving the switch and opening the grips. It also makes use of a tool-less bolt system, promoting ease in maintaining it.

Another reason why it continues to receive positive reviews is that it works at an operating pressure of only 110 psi. Such low operating pressure can be attributed to its GP Core drivetrain. With this, I am sure that you will enjoy the smoothness and efficiency of each shot.

The only major drawback I can think of in this paintball gun is its high price as it is currently worth more than a thousand dollars.
  • Features a cool and fantastic design
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Sleek and streamlined
  • Promotes easy access to the board
  • Low operating pressure guaranteed
  • Really expensive
If you are willing to spend more for a high-end paintball marker, though, I highly suggest checking this out because its features and benefits are really among the best things you can look forward to.

23. DYE M3s

If you want a more luxurious paintball marker that you can use in any paintball field, whether it is just for casual gameplay or more serious ones, like in tournaments, then I highly advise you to check out the DYE M3s. You’ll never go wrong with this choice as it is high-end plus suitable for both intermediate and advanced players.

In my opinion, this paintball marker is designed to work as the best in the industry. In fact, it went through a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure that it will transform into an elegant and luxurious marker capable of delivering an uncompromised performance.

What’s good about it is that it makes use of the FL-21 bolt system, which makes it possible for you to shoot even if you are using a fragile and sensitive paint in a harsh weather condition or paintball field. It also works at a low 115 psi, thereby ensuring smooth and quiet shots.

I am also impressed with its ability to regulate the airflow, allowing you to continue shooting smoothly. Such is made possible with the built-in Hyper 6s pro regulator. It also has an impressively low operating pressure, which ensures that the barrel won’t rise, thereby allowing you to stay on target.

I also appreciate the adjustable settings and features of this paintball gun as it actually comes with multiple player profiles, screen options, and training modes.

The color schemes used in this paintball gun may not be the best in the industry, though, which is one of its flaws.
  • Ideal for both casual games and tournaments
  • Elegant and luxurious design without compromising performance
  • Smooth and quiet shots guaranteed
  • Capable of controlling air flow
  • Comes with adjustable settings and features
  • Does not have the best color schemes
Still, with its ability to handle both casual games and serious gameplay, I’m sure that the new DYE M3s Paintball Marker is on its way to take on the paintball industry by storm with its excellent performance.

Sniper Paintball Gun – If you are looking for the best paintball sniper rifle then the next product I am going to introduce to you will surely give you the satisfaction you need. It is mainly designed in such a way that you can effectively perform your role as a designated marksman or sniper, especially if you are playing the scenario game.

24. Tippmann A-5 Sniper

If you are interested in sniper paintball guns with scopes, then the A-5 Sniper from Tippmann is definitely an excellent choice for you. It is a popular marker for several good reasons. Aside from being well-designed, I also noticed its extreme reliability. I also figured out how easy it is to clean and disassemble right after I started using it.

I find its 20-inch tactical barrel helpful in achieving a high level of accuracy. The red dot incorporated into this paintball gun also further improves the accuracy of this paintball gun. I also realized that with the collapsible stock built into the paintball gun, staying in a very comfortable position while I am firing shots is actually possible.

One more favorable fact about this paintball gun is that it is hassle-free to use considering the fact that its accessories do not need to be rearranged nor dismantled. It is a mechanical paintball gun, which also minimizes its risk of causing major malfunctions that often happen in electric markers.

Moreover, this paintball gun is built to last as it makes use of highly durable materials for its overall construction and frame.

One possible downside, though, is that the included goggles and facemask in the package are not of top-notch quality.
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Promotes a high level of accuracy, thanks to its tactical barrel
  • Features a collapsible stock to experience comfort when firing shots
  • Not prone to malfunctions
  • Built to last a long time
  • Subpar quality goggles and facemask included in the package
Still, the gun itself delivers the kind of performance it promises to its users so it’s definitely a gem in the paintball industry.

Paintball Pistols – If you want to further improve your gameplay then investing in the best paintball pistols should also be on top of your priorities. Note that a pistol is quite different from the large-sized paintball markers but it’s a great way to accumulate a greater advantage once you are in the field.


Here are my top three recommendations if you what you are looking for are high-quality pistols that you can safely add to your arsenal.

25. Tippmann TiPX

If you have finally decided to invest in a paintball pistol then I highly suggest that you check out the Tippmann TiPX and its starter kit. As for its starter kit version, I am pleased to say that you won’t only get a single paintball pistol from the package.

It also has several inclusions, including the magazine feed system, CO2 air system, adjuster, removable barrel, internal regulator, and maintenance kit – talk about getting more items from just a single purchase. As far as the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol itself, I can describe it as a .68 caliber with a military style.

I am so happy that it is designed in such a way that it basically feels and looks like a real handgun, thanks to the fact that it is magazine-fed while being semi-automatic. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it suit you if you want a tactical backup or if you plan on marking solo targets.

Another valuable advantage of this paintball pistol is that it is easy for you to purchase and add upgrades to its barrel. Such is beneficial, especially if you are like me who prefers to personalize your marker.

You will also feel glad that it has a simple and basic operation as it guarantees ease and comfort when using it.

However, it comes with a small magazine, which is actually a downside for some users.
  • Feels and looks like a true handgun
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works efficiently as a tactical backup
  • Comes with a barrel that you can easily upgrade
  • Easy and comfortable to operate
  • The magazine included is small for some users.
Overall, this paintball pistol’s accuracy, as well as its lightweight nature, are among its selling points, making it a truly reliable sidearm.

26. T4E Umarex

Another impressive product in the paintball pistol category is the T4E Umarex. One nice benefit I am so impressed with in this paintball pistol is that it appears realistic. It has realistic dimensions that it is possible for you to use it with a standard holster.

I noticed that it showcases its versatility, too with its ability to accept all kinds of .43-cal. ammo, including pepper balls, rubber balls, dust balls, and, of course, the paintball. It boasts of a good build quality considering the fact that most of its parts are constructed out of metal.

Some of the metal parts are the barrel, slide, slide catch, magazine, and other parts of its interiors. You’ll find this paintball pistol lightweight, too, because it weighs around 1.87 lbs. only. I also love its impressive fit and finish. The fact that it looks like a true gun also means that it works as an excellent training tool.

Furthermore, it boasts of its yellow dot sights that you can easily adjust. The trigger also works safely.

However, one problem I figured out upon the use of this pistol is that it has a long trigger pull since it is designed to shoot similarly to a double-action trigger.
  • Boasts of realistic dimensions, making it look and feel like a real gun
  • Highly versatile as it can accept all kinds of .43-cal paintball ammo
  • Most parts are constructed from sturdy metal
  • Impressive fit and finish
  • Lightweight
  • Long trigger pull
To conclude, this paintball pistol can offer real value for its price because it is capable of performing what it promises to fulfill in terms of function and performance.

27. JT ER2

If you are looking for a paintball pistol, which can give you a smooth pumping action, then do not fail to consider checking out the JT ER2. With such pumping action, even beginners in the field of paintball can have a wonderful and seamless experience when they are shooting.

Such seamless experience when shooting can also be attributed to the pistol’s anti-chop technology. Note that this paintball pistol comes in a package form so expect to receive more than just the pistol. You can also take a hold of CO2 cartridges, barrel plug, paintballs, and the pump handle designed for smooth firing.

Most users will also surely agree with me when I say that this is a fairly accurate pistol. It is also made in such a way that it can hold its CO2 charge for a long period without the risk of leaks. I find its CO2 cartridges beneficial, too, because changing them is hassle-free and does not require the use of any tools.

It is also reasonably priced while having a few inclusions in its starter kit.

One possible drawback, though is that it is a bit harder to grip the pump handle. It would have been easier if it is made to be wider.
  • Promotes a seamless experience when shooting
  • Fairly accurate
  • Capable of holding its charge for a long period
  • Hassle-free changing process for the CO2 cartridges
  • Affordable
  • The pump handle is a bit harder to grip.
Still, no one can deny the fact that this is one of the most reliable pistols that they can include to their arsenal with its ability to guarantee a smooth experience while on the field.

What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Marker

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the ins and outs of paintball might think that choosing the best paintball marker is an easy task. The truth, however, is that the whole process can get tough, especially if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

Allow us to simplify the whole journey of selecting good paintball guns by enlightening you about the different factors that should greatly contribute to your final decision:

Where you should buy the product

One aspect that you have to look into carefully is the specific place where you should buy the product. You do not want to end up getting too excited about a particular deal only to find out that its promise, which seems too good to be true, can’t be delivered.

You do not want to invest in a marker, which is not actually as good as you initially thought. One thing you have to do, therefore, is to find trustworthy sellers and brands of this product. If possible, buy it from a trustworthy and reputable sporting goods website.

Also, ensure that you spend time carefully reading reviews when planning to check out markers from online marketplaces, like Amazon. Read through all the reviews and research about the product. That way, you can use your best judgment and find the perfect place to look for a paintball marker.

How frequent you will be using it

Finding the most accurate paintball gun designed to fit your specific needs is also possible if you consider how much and how frequent you are planning to play the game. One thing you have to take note of is that a basic yet complete setup costs around $70-$120.

The cost does not involve the plastic pumps yet, though. You can also find stores renting out complete sets, including hopper, tank, mask, and gun. You can rent the set for around $10-$20 daily. If you think that you will only be using the gun once or two times annually then it would be ideal for you to just rent.

However, if you are planning to use it for at least 3-4 times yearly then you can greatly benefit from having your own set. Investing in your own set is more cost-effective, especially if you think that you will be using the paintball marker more frequently.

Electronic vs. mechanical

Another thing you have to decide on in your search for the perfect paintball marker for you is whether you should go for the electronic or the mechanical type. An electronic marker is actually that which operates using circuit boards and batteries. Meanwhile, a mechanical marker operates without electricity.

What’s good about mechanical paintball markers is that they are popular for their reliability. However, you should also take note that they also operate with more noise than the electronic type. In addition, they seem to operate slower than electronic markers.

If you decide to go for an electronic paintball marker then note that you have options to go for either the electro-pneumatic or the electro-mechanical type. The electro-mechanical type refers to a mechanical paintball marker, which features an electronic trigger frame that works by firing the gun.

In most cases, it does the firing in full auto mode or a 3-round burst. The electro-pneumatic type comes with a solenoid valve, which you need to activate in order to shoot it. The valve allows the passing through of air, which aids in shooting the ball.

One major benefit of the electro-pneumatic paintball gun is that it tends to fire in a more consistent manner. It also operates more quietly in comparison to the mechanical type. However, it is also more expensive while being more difficult to maintain and fix.

Kind of paintball you wish to play

Another crucial factor in your buying decision is the specific kind of paintball you intend to play. If you wish to focus on woodsball or scenario games, then the ideal paintball markers for you are those that you can carry like a rifle while also being capable of attaching a stock.

It does not matter how small or big the marker is. Your goal is to find one, which is not only durable but also comfortable to carry around and use. You should stay away from markers with shiny colors if you are interested in the woodsball play.

If you intend to focus more on speedball then it would be ideal for you to look for a smaller paintball gun model. Choose a compact marker, one that perfectly fits near your body. Aside from shooting quickly, it is also important for it to easily hug against bunkers.

The ideal gun for speedball is also that which is both shiny and bright. Meanwhile, if you are planning to master both speedball and woodsball then it would be great for you to invest in a small gun that allows you to attach a stock just in case you wish to play the sport in the woods.

Customizable feature

You may also want to check whether the paintball gun you are aiming to invest in has a customizable feature. Note that various players also have different preferences in terms of the gun they are using. Because of this, it would be best for you to look for a highly customizable paintball gun.

With that feature, it is easy for you to customize it in such a way that it can adapt various scenarios that might occur all throughout the game. The gun should also come with different firing modes. Such offers more versatility once you start to play whether you want to save your paintball or just simply prefer accuracy over volume shots.

Ease of disassembly

It is also advisable to check whether or not the gun is easy to disassemble. Note that just like other types of gun, this product also has the tendency of getting jammed from time to time. When dealing with that scenario, you might need to use a tool to ensure that it works again.

Fortunately, you can now also find the newest paintball guns that promote ease of disassembling even without the use of any tools. There are those that you can disassemble in just a few seconds or minutes without tools. Consider choosing one from this category so you can continuously enjoy your game in the field without hassle.


The weight of the paintball marker should also have a say on your final buying decision. It is because such factor plays a crucial role on how the product will perform on the field. A heavy gun causes difficult when carrying it around on the field.

With that in mind, consider looking for a marker with a really lightweight design. That way, you will experience utmost comfort when you are already using it. It is even possible for you to find a paintball gun, which is only around 3 lbs. if you do an extensive search.


Check the material used in the gun, too. Note that the specific material used in creating the gun’s barrel can greatly affect its weight as well as how accurate its shot will be. Take note that various materials also offer a wide range of benefits based on your chosen style.

One of the most common materials you can find in guns is aluminum. What’s good about guns featuring aluminum-based barrels is that they are completely affordable, which is why most of those looking for the best paintball guns for beginners choose any of them.

This material has issues, though, such as the fact that it is not that sturdy and seems to bend quickly. If you want a more durable option then go for a paintball gun with a stainless steel barrel.  It is capable of withstanding wear and tear while maintaining its firing ability for a long time. It is a bit heavy, though.

Another option is the carbon fiber material. What’s beneficial about this material is that it is not only durable and lightweight but is also easy to clean and maintain. You can also smooth it down in the sense that it has almost zero friction, which is the key to retaining more of its speed.

Overall design

When deciding on the perfect design for your paintball marker, it is crucial to think of the specific places you play the game frequently. It is also a must to consider the field’s settings. Avoid choosing a gun with a design that causes it to stand out unless you play in a really dark field.

Also, note that bright colors may also cause problems as it will be easy to spot them in the field. This color increases your risk of getting noticed while you are in the field, causing you to get shot often. If possible, choose calmer and darker colors for the gun.


Lastly, consider the prices of your options before buying. Remember that you will also need to buy other items aside from just the marker. Some of the other pieces of equipment that you have to invest in are the padding, belt pods, tanks, mask, and any other add-ons.

Taking that fact into consideration, it would be ideal for you to carefully plan a budget before you buy a paintball gun. While you should make sure that your budget allocates the majority of it for the paintball marker, it is also necessary to leave a bit of room for other important pieces of equipment.

It is also advisable to consider the other factors already mentioned in this specific section of the article when determining your budget. For example, you should consider setting a higher budget if you consider yourself as a serious paintball player.

Do not forget to check the quality of your options, too and make sure that their level of quality corresponds to the price.

Other Important Factors to Consider: Main Components of a Paintball Marker

When searching for a paintball marker, which perfectly suits your needs, it is also necessary to familiarize yourself with its different components. Among the primary components of a paintball marker are the following:

Marker Body

The body, a vital component of the paintball marker, serves as its largest part. It is the specific component, which incorporates the gun’s aesthetic features as well as its main functions. It is also equipped with the primary components used in the firing mechanism. These include the bolt, the trigger frame, and the valve.

Note that you can detach all the mentioned pieces of the body from each other so you can add or incorporate a new piece of equipment. However, only attempt to do this if you are already an expert in your own gun. The most commonly used material for the body of the marker is aluminum. It is mainly because this material is lightweight, thereby reducing the overall weight of the gun.

In addition, it features color anodizing and custom milling. Paintball gun manufacturers also use a fair and standard approach in terms of the body. However, they still make it a point to add a unique feature to their guns by making the placement of the barrel and trigger distinctive.

When familiarizing yourself about the marker’s body, you also have to take note of the following vital parts to it:

External design

It should be noted that the major difference in the different marker bodies currently in the market, as far as their external designs and ergonomic features are concerned, is noticeable on the position of its trigger and barrel.

For more expensive paintball guns, you will notice their trigger frame posited forward in a way that they are already towards the center. Some of them are also positioned a bit forward of the body’s central portion, especially if what you are looking for is the one designed for speedball.

Such position makes it possible for you to mount the HPA tank in a specific position, which promotes balance and compactness without the need for any other additional modification. In case of inexpensive markers, you can find some users modifying them to make them capable of showcasing the same operation.

The problem is that this also means that they need to sacrifice a low profile. You can also find used paintball markers with their barrels mounted farther back from the body of the paintball as a means of preserving their compact style. This has the tendency of compromising the trigger forward’s positioning.

Trigger frame

The trigger is the primary element in the body that you can use to interact with the paintball marker. It is crucial to note that this has a major impact on your ability to fire efficiently because it has the say on the level of force needed in firing the marker.

The distance through which it travels before it activates also contributes to the mentioned ability. Several markers, particularly those with higher price tags, actually make use of electronic-based trigger frames. These often come with sensing techniques, like infrared switches, micro-switches, and hall effect sensors.

It should be noted that because of the short throws delivered by these electronic-based trigger frames, you can also expect them to have a high firing rate. You can also find markers that are non-electronic. They make use of pneumatic, which is set carefully as a means of producing a short and light pull of the trigger.

This marker also makes use of a set of levers and springs that are helpful in dropping a sear. This subsequently works in propelling forward the hammer found in the marker’s body.

Bolt & valve assembly

You can also find the bolt & valve assembly on the paintball marker’s body. This assembly actually refers to the specific mechanism, which works in firing the marker. In this assembly, you will notice that the valve is actually the mechanical switch, which has full control over the ability of the gun to fire.

It has a say on whether or not it fires. The bolt in this assembly, meanwhile, functions by directing the air flow and controlling the paintball’s entry to a chamber. The valve and bolt are actually two different elements and components of the marker’s body.

The majority of the modernly designed paintball markers today actually boast of an open bolt design. In this case, you can expect the bolt to be positioned at the back while exposing the firing chamber to the pile of paintballs that the loader feeds in case the paintball marker is at rest.

You can also find those with a closed bolt design. In this case, the time when the marker is at rest will also cause the firing of the paintball and the bolt forward. It also causes the closing of the feed stack starting from the chamber.

What’s good about the closed bolt marker is that it is accurate because of the absence of a reciprocating mass during the time when it is fired. If you invest in a mechanical paintball marker then you will most likely notice its volt & valve assembly to have a simple blowback style.

It also often makes use of a pin or poppet valve when tends to open up each time a compression force strikes it. This happens only when a spring propels a hammer. It also utilizes a stacked tube design. Such design boasts of a lower tube, which contains both the hammer and the valve.

The bolt, on the other hand, can be found on the upper part of the tube as it connects to the hammer. When using an electro-pneumatic marker, however, you can’t expect it to use a hammer and spring in activating the valve. What it does, instead, is that it reroutes air to various parts within the paintball marker.

A solenoid controls the rerouting, which you can activate with the aid of a trigger. Regardless of the specific paintball marker you use, you should still know how important it is to tune the bolt and valve assembly properly.

It is mainly because the valve is often developed in such a way that it accommodates a certain pressure when it operates. It is necessary to stick to a lower pressure for the valve, especially if you want to operate it quietly. Tuning it the proper way is also essential in boosting gas efficiency.

Also, remember that you need to set the valve in such a way that it can release sufficient amounts of air helpful in firing the paintball efficiently. The problem is that the improper tuning of the valve can result in inadequate air, causing it to be unable to get to the bolt.

The problem is that it can lead to the loss of range gradually when firing paintballs. That said, you really need proper tuning for the assembly. This move is also a big help in ensuring that the air does not blow the feed tube up each time you fire.


Also called the loader, the hopper refers to that specific component of the paintball marker, which is designed in such a way that it holds the paintballs that are used in firing the marker. It comes in a couple of types, including the stick feed, the agitating, the gravity feed, and the force-feed hoppers.

Stick Feed

You can often see this type of hopper being used in markers that are categorized as under the pump & stock-class type. It is often composed of simple tubes capable of holding around 10-20 paintballs. The stick feed hopper is also often designed in such a way that it appears parallel to the marker’s barrel.

Loading the next paintball requires tipping the marker if it has a stick feed hopper. Also, take note that this hopper often appears vertical. You can also find hoppers under the stick feed type that are positioned at an incline as a means of stimulating gravity feeding.


Another popular type of hopper or loader used in a paintball marker is called the agitating. It is equipped with a propeller, which you can see spinning within the container. Such propeller is mainly used in agitating paintballs, thereby making them less prone to getting jammed.

It also promotes the rapid feeding of the paintballs. Agitating hoppers can also be classified into two – the first one refers to those equipped with eyes or sensors while the other one does not come with the sensors. It should be noted that the sensors or eyes, in this case, make use of a light emitting diode (LED) light as well as a photo-detector.

Both are crucial in instantly detecting whether a ball is present. When used in the agitating hopper, you can expect the sensors to detect in case a ball is absent right away. This will prompt it to turn. The agitating hopper, which does not come with eyes, on the other hand, will deplete its batteries fast.

It might also cause dents or bends on the paintballs. This further results in a less air-efficient and short shot. With that in mind, it is better to invest in an agitating hopper equipped with the sensors or eyes as these guarantee that they will spin even if the ball is absent. It can also prolong the life of the battery while minimizing the risk of damage.

Gravity Feed

You may also choose the gravity feed hopper if what you are looking for is one with a simple design while being offered at an inexpensive price. This type actually comes equipped with a huge container as well as a feed tube, which you can find being molded at the bottom.

It also features sloped sides where you can expect the paintballs to roll down from the feed tube to the marker. If you choose the gravity feed hopper then expect it to have a maximum rate of around 11.6 balls every second. It is only constructed out of a lid and shell, which is the reason behind its cheap price.

The problem with this hopper is that it is prone to jamming because there is a great risk for the paintballs to accumulate over the feed tube. To prevent jamming, it would be best to rock the hopper and marker from time to time.

Force-feed Hopper

This hopper comes with an impeller, which is useful in capturing paintballs then forcing them to the marker. Note that the impeller used in this hopper either makes use of a belt system as a means of powering it or features a spring-loaded design.

With the aid of the impeller, it can retain a constant pressure in within the feed tube, which is needed by the pile of paintballs inside. With this design, it is possible for this hopper to be able to hold more than 50 balls per second. It is also mainly because of the fact that it makes use of a mechanism, which does not fully depend on gravity.


The third major component of the paintball marker is actually the barrel. It is a vital component because it works in directing the paintball and controlling the release of gas pocket, which you can find behind it. It even contributes to the accuracy, speed, and distance through which the paintball travels, making it a really vital element of the gun.

The majority of top paintball guns with modern designs that you can find today actually make use of barrels that you can see being screwed to the front part of the receiver. Another thing that you have to take note of about the best paintball barrels is that they make use of threads that perfectly match the paintball gun.

Among the most commonly used threads, in this case, are the auto-cocker, angel, shocker, 98 custom, impulse or ion, and the A-5. Another important factor that you have to consider, as far as the barrel is concerned, is its length. Typically, its length is around 76 to 530 millimeters.

However, you can also find customized barrels that can reach a max of 910 millimeters in length. It would be best to go for a longer barrel because it actually operates more silently when you compare it to a shorter barrel. It also lets any excess gas found in the barrel to escape gradually.

In most cases, the length of the barrel chosen by most paintball players is around 300 to 410 millimeters as it is known to provide the right balance of essential features and benefits, like a good range, portability, and accuracy.

You should also check the bore of the barrel, which refers to its interior diameter. It is crucial for this component to match the kind of paintball you are firing. It is because any mismatch can only lead to variations in velocity, further resulting in challenges and difficulties when trying to maintain a close match to the limits set by the field velocity.

In some chronic scenarios, this can also have a major impact on the accuracy of the paintball gun. Proper matching is all the more significant, especially if you are using a marker with a closed bolt design.

It is because such design has insufficient ball detents due to the risk of the ball rolling down and out of the marker’s barrel. The result is a dry fire or a low-velocity shot. Vents also play a major role in the overall performance of the barrel. The vents refer to the drilled holes found in the barrel used in venting additional pressure.

These drilled holes aim to minimize the sound produced by the best paintball gun when you are firing it. They do so by letting the air escape gradually from the barrel instead of just a single load. Generally, the more vents or holes present, the quieter the barrel will be. However, it also means a greater need for air when it comes to firing the ball.

It might also result in the decrease in the efficiency of the gun. The holes or vents used in the barrel are usually straight or spiral. Aside from the things about the barrel already mentioned, you also have to check the materials specifically used in constructing it. Note that there are different kinds of materials used in the barrel.

Some of them are the aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and other materials. You can see their individual merits by conducting a research about each of them. However, take note that the exact material used in its construction does not actually have a major impact on the marker’s overall accuracy.

It can contribute to its weight, though. If you go for a paintball marker with a more lightweight barrel then expect to spend more.

Propellant System

Another of the major components of the marker’s body that you have to take note of is its propellant system. This system actually comes in the form of a tank, which takes hold of a compressed gas, carbon dioxide, or any other valuable propellant as a means of propelling a paintball forward through the barrel.

Among the most commonly used propellants in a paintball marker are the following:

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

You can often find this propellant used in inexpensive and cheap paintball markers. In most cases, you can see it coming in a 12-gram powerlet. It is primarily used in pistols, stock paintball, or in a tank. One thing to take note of about this propellant is that is capacity is measurable in liquid ounces.

It utilizes CO2 liquid, which is vaporized into a gas prior to using it. One of the major reasons why people choose to use CO2 as a propellant is the fact that the gas tanks designed for it are easy to find while being offered at an inexpensive price.

Most of the tanks designed for this propellant also boast of a modern and advanced regulator as a means of tweaking the attributes associated with its performance. In addition, it is easy to find the perfect spot where you can refill the gas tank designed for CO2.

Another plus of the CO2 propellant is the fact that it delivers a more reliable and stable performance than the others while also working in the majority of guns designed for beginners. Still, you can find several advanced paintball guns in the market (Amazon, Walmart, DICK’S Sporting Goods and Ansgear…) that use it as a propellant.

One more thing that makes it beneficial is the fact that its tank does not require constant rechecking or recertifying. It is because it does not need that much maintenance. Moreover, it does not break down that easily.

High-pressure/compressed air

You can also see paintball guns using high-pressure or compressed air as propellant. In this case, a tank is used for storing compressed or high-pressure air at extremely high pressures, often running around 3,000 to 4,500 psi.

The tank makes use of its attached regulator as a means of controlling the pressure of the output at around 250 to 860 psi. The pressure control is dependent on the specific type of tank used in the body. The problem with this type is that it is more expensive when you compare it to the CO2 propellant.

The high price can often be attributed to the extremely high pressure used in it. Despite its high price, you can still gain numerous advantages from using the high-pressure/compressed air as a propellant for your paintball marker.

One advantage is that it guarantees a more reliable and stable shooting experience regardless of the weather condition. You can also see it being used in the majority of high-end and modern paintball guns for sale.

Aside from the reliability of the shots, you also have an assurance of their preciseness and accuracy. Moreover, you will be glad to know that this specific propellant lowers the chance of any liquid penetrating the marker and causing damage to its interiors.


Although not as popular as the two mentioned propellants, you can still also see propane being used in some guns. It does not release gas, which is what happens in the two previously discussed mechanisms. It makes use of a combustion chamber, instead, as a means of igniting the propane.

Once ignited, you can expect the pressure to be increased. It will also open a valve, which works in letting the gas expand, further propelling the paintball. One advantage of this propellant is that it is capable of producing a higher number of shots per tank compared to CO2 and high-pressure or compressed air.

The shots it can produce are actually around 30,000 to 50,000. The wide availability of propane is also a big advantage. In addition, it is safe to use because you only need to store the propane at a low pressure, around 300 psi only.

Gas Regulators

It is also crucial to note that several regulator configurations are available for the paintball gun system. The options range from the fully unregulated ones to systems that are totally high-end, allowing them to use up to four regulators as well as several stages.

It is important to note that the regulator has a major impact on the marker’s firing velocity and accuracy. CO2 regulators, for instance, should ensure that liquid gas is prevented from penetrating the marker as well as expanding as it might cause the velocity to surge to a dangerous level.

In most cases, the regulator configurations used together with the carbon dioxide propeller compromise accuracy and throughput to guarantee the safe operation of the marker.

Those regulators that use high-pressure only, on the other hand, are guaranteed to deliver a really high throughput. You can also expect them to deliver uniform pressure in between the shots made, thereby ensuring accuracy during high firing rates.

Firing and Trigger Modes

It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the firing and trigger modes used in paintball guns. The firing and trigger modes used in the paintball marker are actually the ones that signify the specific type you have. The most popular modes, in this case, are the following:

Pump action

The pump action paintball marker is considered to be the most basic type currently available in the market. You will actually see it as a basic gun in the sense that it comes with a pump handle that you have to pull either forward or backward after making every shot.

This is to ensure that the next paintball will be seated or loaded while preparing for the firing action. It is known as the original design used in guns. It is simple while showcasing its reliability. While it is not as popular as it was decades ago, you can still see some players using it, especially in events involving stock-class paintball.


You can also see the semi-automatic paintball marker. This specific firing mode requires you to pull the trigger for just one time as a means of firing the gun. It is actually a popular option among those who play paintball.

You can also choose between the electro-pneumatic and the manual type. Most of the paintball guns categorized as entry-level also fall under the semi-automatic category.

Fully automatic – You can also choose to invest in the fully automatic paintball marker. It is quite similar to the semi-automatic type in the sense that you will also need to pull its trigger one time if you plan to fire the gun.

The only difference is that it is designed in such a way that it will continue firing provided you keep on depressing the trigger. This type actually boasts of its defined firing rate, which differs based on the gun or model you have chosen. However, take note that paintball tournaments prohibit this type.


Another firing mode that you have to familiarize yourself with is ramping. It has a trigger, which you need to pull consistently to fire. However, unlike the previous modes mentioned, this one features a circuit board, which works by slowly increasing the firing rate.

For instance, if you set it in such a way that it can kick 4 pulls every second, pulling the trigger at a 3 times per second firing rate will cause the gun to continue firing at that rate. However, if you begin pulling the trigger using at least a 4-ball per second rate, you can expect it to fire 4 rounds per second at first but will increase it slowly.

It will ramp up the rate of firing provided you continuously pull the trigger. It allows your gun to shoot quicker and quicker until the max firing rate is already reached. Prior to taking it to an event, though, ensure that you are allowed to use it.

It is because while some tournaments consider the ramping firing mode as legal, there are others that don’t.

Marker Types: Which is the Best One for You?

It is also a must to get to know more about the different types of paintball marker that are available for you. Study the merits of each one so you can better decide which one among them is really suitable and appropriate for your requirements. In this case, you have to get to know more about the mechanical and the electronic markers.

Mechanical Markers

Paintball guns designed to be operated mechanically can be expected to work through mechanical means only. This means that you can’t expect them to utilize electro-pneumatic solenoids that are often regulated with the help of an electronic board when it comes to firing.

If you are looking for a mechanically-operated marker then note that some of your options are the semi-automatic mechanical types that are also referred to as blowback guns. It is possible for them to start firing once you pull the trigger and it releases a bolt propelled forward with the aid of a spring.

You can then expect the paintball to be pushed to the barrel. After the ball gets into the barrel, you will notice the bolt striking a pin. This will open up the valve, letting air reach down the barrel. After that, you will notice the force provided by the expanding air to force back the bolt into the original position.

That said, it is no longer surprising why it is referred to as blowback as it actually makes use of air in blowing back the bolt to its initial position. Aside from the blowback, you can also see other variations of the mechanical gun with each one having various price ranges. You can find basic plastic pumps known to be inexpensive.

You will also see precision-milled paintball guns that hold higher price tags as most of them cost more than a thousand dollars. What’s good about investing in the mechanical marker is that aside from its high level of reliability, it also requires less maintenance. You only need to clean and oil it after several uses.

Another advantage of the mechanical type is that you will find it easy to disassemble. In case of problems in the gun, you will also love the fact that most of its replacement parts are available at inexpensive prices. Furthermore, it is versatile in the sense that it tends to work using either compressed air or CO2.

You will also find it easy to use and set up even if you do not have any paintball experience in the past. One problem associated with the use of the mechanical paintball marker, however, is that it is not as accurate, consistent, or fast as the electronic type.

Electronic Marker

As the name suggests, the electronic marker, which is also referred to as an electro-pneumatic gun, makes use of circuit boards powered by batteries as a means if firing paintballs. These circuit boards are designed in such a way that they activate solenoids, causing the gun to start firing.

Each time you pull the trigger, the circuit boards receive a signal that it is time to fire, thereby activating the paintball marker. What’s good about the built-in circuit boards is that they are programmable in nature. That said, it is possible for you to send a signal to the board, telling it to fire automatically.

It is also possible for you to tell it to use other modes of firing, such as a 3-round burst. It is important to note that electronic paintball guns greatly depend on a regulator to guarantee its consistent firing.

Such regulators appear as mechanical devices capable of taking in various air pressures coming from a tank then releasing air, which has low and constant pressure. One more thing that you have to take note of about electronic guns is that they are available in numerous varieties.

You can also find several internal setups for it. However, despite the fact that these different internal setups make use of various bolts, regulators, and valves that greatly affect the overall performance of the paintball guns, you can still expect them to deliver similar pros and cons in general.

One major advantage of the electronic marker is that it is capable of firing in a faster and more accurate and consistent manner than the mechanical paintball gun. You can also expect it to be small and lightweight, thereby ensuring that you will never have a difficult time using and managing it.

It also has a light and short trigger pull considering the fact that it is only the trigger, which is used in activating the circuit board. There is no need for you to activate the firing mechanism in a physical manner.

One more advantage of the electronic paintball marker is that it uses a lower pressure to operate than what the mechanical type uses. Each tank is also capable of delivering more shots. However, there are also disadvantages to using the electronic marker – one of which is its high cost.

Another disadvantage is that repairing it might be difficult for someone who has no knowledge about it. In most cases, you will need a professional to deal with issues with it or to provide upgrades. One more thing to remember is that it only uses compressed air. You can’t use CO2 for it.

Take note of all the pros and cons of both the electronic and the mechanical paintball guns so you can better decide which one is indeed right for you.

Beginner Paintball Guns

If you are still a beginner in the field of paintball then you may want to go for an option that is easy to use so you wouldn’t have a hard time familiarizing yourself with how it works. In addition, it should be tough and durable so it can continue serving its purpose for a long time.

Some of the products that meet the criteria of being easy to use, tough, and durable. They are the best beginner paintball guns and come with their packages version, giving you the option to buy a complete starter set or package that you can use even after you get more familiar with the game.

Choosing a Marker Based on your Gameplay

The game of paintball actually comes with various rules and variations on how to play it with each one being specified and indicated prior to starting the entire game. A basic rule used in the game is for players to complete a specific goal but they have to make sure that they are not shot nor marked by a paintball.

Any shot can cause a player to get eliminated even if the paintball does not break nor left a mark. However, some games use several variations to the rule – one of which is the fact that the paintball, for it to cause the elimination of the player, should break while also leaving a mark, which is at least a US quarter in size.

Any players who are eliminated from the game should leave the field right away. This will also cause the opposing players to receive points. The eliminated player may also be allowed to continue playing after a specified period provided this is what both teams agreed upon before the start of the game.

He might also be completely eliminated if that is the rule chosen by the players. Also, before paintball begins, it is crucial to determine the specific goal that each player should accomplish. One example is capturing a flag.

Other variations of the game that you can also use in deciding the ideal paintball marker for you are as follows:


If you are looking for the best woodsball paintball gun then you have to familiarize yourself with how this particular variation of the game works. That way, you will know exactly how you can use your chosen marker. It should be noted that paintball began as a recreational game taking place in a wooded area.

The most common format used in this recreational game involves capturing the flag and eliminating players. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of woodsball then take note that it can accommodate different players with various bunker types.

The field used in this particular game comes at a terrain and size, which lowers the chance of a player to observe more than a small a tiny subsection of it at a specified time. This causes some limitations on the field awareness, which is one of the major reasons why the game usually lasts for a long period.

Several playing locations and fields nowadays now set their specific customized variations. For instance, the game starts to provide freedom to the players so they can get involved in typical and atypical situations, like offering protection to VIPs or doing ambushes or assaults on certain fortified positions.

With the rules incorporated into woodsball, it is safe to say that it perfectly suits those players who are more interested to make use of concealment and military tactics.


Another paintball variation that you have to take note of is the speedball. This game is usually played in a small field full of bunkers. The field where players play speedball is often less than a football field’s half size. You can also usually see it in a treeless and level terrain.

Another thing to take note of is that the speedball field makes use of manmade bunkers. They started as crated and wooden spools and evolved into corrugated sewer piping. Nowadays, you can also see them coming into form of custom-made inflatable obstacles that come in different shapes and sizes.

Due to the small size of the field used in playing speedball as well as the inadequate foliage as well as other items apart from the artificial hurdles that you can find there, players can clearly see and observe everything in the field – from end to end. This causes each game session to be shorter in comparison to woodsball.

Also, take note that the players are capable of seeing each other while starting the game within their own range. This causes immediate action between opposing teams. It should be noted that speedball is considered to be the only paintball variation professionally played in huge professional leagues.

One more thing to note is the fact that the fields where paintball is often played also usually hold speedball tournaments all throughout the year. If you are interested to be part of it then make it a point to invest in the best speedball gun that you can use for it.


Another variation relevant to paintball that you should familiarize yourself with is the scenario paintball. In this specific variation, expect a certain story or theme to be added to it. The themes and stories added differ significantly. These include holiday and famous movie themes.

Another popular theme involves recreating historical battles. The basic rule involved in scenario paintball is to let the participating teams or players pretend to be someone or something other than being the players of the game. Most of these games are also involved in huge events.

That’s the main reason why you can see hundreds and even thousands of participating players. It also has extended game sessions, lasting from around six to forty-eight hours. Any player who got eliminated due to a hit can still go back to the game after a certain period. This gives everyone the opportunity to take part in the entire event.

Military Simulation (MilSim)

Another famous paintball variation is military simulation. Paintball has this specific variation considering the fact that the entire game actually has several similarities with the drills used by the military when they are still training their recruits.

In fact, there are times when the military utilizes the game of paintball as a means of preparing their soldiers for an upcoming battle. This is the main reason why you can find several paintball facilities that created courses based on the style used by the military.

You can find these facilities providing a wide range of props and obstacles capable of creating a more military-like atmosphere. Playing the military simulation actually exposes you to several playing techniques and variables.

In most cases, the participating teams, as well as their leaders, are the ones who will decide on the major and minor goals or objectives. Among the most commonly used games under this scenario are reenactments, recon missions, and defend or attack games.

In case the players agree to play defend or attack games, the whole process will involve one team gaining a free roam over the whole course. The other participating team, on the other hand, will be confined to a certain spot where they should do their best to defend.

In the case of military simulation paintball games involving recon missions, expect the players to receive certain checkpoints as well as goals or objectives that they need to meet. As for reenactment, the participating teams will need to recreate certain storylines taken from famous historical wars (ex. civil war).

Regardless of the military simulation games selected by the teams, remember that they will use the standard or general rules involved in elimination. You can also see certain variations often resulting from the incorporation of various terrains, rules, and goals or objectives.

One thing that makes MilSim games distinctive from other paintball various is the fact that it often comes with warlike themes. You can even see players using guns that really look like the real thing. Some players even go to the extent of using 2-way radios or dressing up using authentic costumes. The whole game also involves strategic plans.

Concept field

Paintball also makes use of concept fields that often require the set-up of objects, letting players stay hidden from the opposing players. What’s good about playing in this field is that it lets you enjoy a perfect man-made field designed for the game.

A paintball field using the concept style is often created outdoors. It also often comes with a theme. If the concept is urban then expect the field to be full of buildings, cars, as well as other items commonly seen in the city.

Some creators of the concept field, however, tend to apply more creativity by putting extraordinary themes, especially to those who are still unfamiliar with paintball.

Other Equipment and Items Needed for Paintball

Aside from the paintball gun itself, the game also requires you to invest in other equipment and accessories that are necessary for ensuring that you will have a great experience once you start playing. You’ll want to know exactly what to wear before hitting the field.

Here are just some of the items and equipment that you need for paintball:


The mask is always a vital piece of equipment in the game of paintball. This is because it is a big help in offering the utmost protection to your face. Remember that a flying paintball has the tendency of leaving bruises on your body in case it hits you.

It might also blind you in case it directly hits your eye. Because of that, it is crucial to invest in a paintball-approved mask and use it throughout the game.

Remember that finding one of the best paintball masks it is the key to protecting your eyesight and your entire face.


Together with your chosen paintball gun, paintballs are also the primary components that make it possible for you to play the game. You can expect these to come in spherical containers of paint that you need to use to load your gun. You can then shot it based on your chosen propellant.

You can find different colors and brands of paintballs. In most cases, the more expensive ones are considered by many as better paintballs in terms of performance. However, beginners might think that the balls perform almost the same provided you pick those that are not yet too old. Pick the best paintballs that look good and are easy to use.


This vital equipment in the game of paintball actually refers to a small container, which you can find sitting on the paintball marker or gun. It is useful in feeding the balls to your gun.

Remember that the paintballs have to reach to the gun’s chamber prior to allowing you to shoot them. One way for you to ensure that this happens is with the help of the best paintball hoppers.

Air tank

Another essential paintball equipment is the air tank. Remember that firing a paintball requires a propellant, which is derived from compressed gas. This often comes in the form of compressed CO2 or compressed air.

In most cases, your marker will need any of the two forms of air tanks holding the compressed gas – the smaller 12-gram tank, which is also used as a BB gun, or the larger tank, which screws into the best paintball gun. If possible, go for a bigger tank as it also means that it is capable of shooting hundreds of balls, which is why you should stick with one of the most proven and best paintball tanks.

Pods & pod packs

You also need pods & pod packs to ensure that you have a smooth experience when playing paintball. Pods actually refer to plastic containers that often feature flip-open lids. These containers are helpful in storing the paintballs in such a way that you can readily use them.

What’s good about pods is that you can see them being available in numerous sizes. The largest one is the 140-round pod, which is commonly used by players in the tournament. You can carry these pods with the aid of a pod harness or pack. With this pack, accessing the pods during the game will be much easier.

You can also choose to invest in any of the great designs for the pod packs. For instance, you can pick the belt loop, which lets you bring 1-2 additional pods with you. You can also pick those that feature a hardness design. These are perfect for you if you usually play in scenario paintballs or tournaments.

Knee and elbow pads

Aside from offering utmost protection when you are dealing with paintballs, the knee and elbow pads are also designed in such a way that you will stay safe and feel comfortable all throughout the game. You can wear these pads beneath your pants or jersey.

What is good about the pads is that they are constructed from flexible and soft gel or foam, promoting utmost comfort when wearing them all throughout the game. You can slip these pads over your forearm or elbow or the wrist and secure them with the aid of Velcro straps.


Gloves are also among the safety gears and accessories that you have to invest in if you want to make the most out of playing paintball. Remember that the sport has a major impact on your fingers, knuckles, and hands. If left unprotected, this can cause extreme pain while making you feel totally uncomfortable.

Also, take note that since paintball is considered as an outdoor sport, you are also vulnerable to crawling or doing other things that might scrape your hands. By ensuring that you are wearing gloves, you can minimize your risk of dealing with injuries on your hands.

Paintball jerseys and pants

It is also a must for you to consider investing in high-quality paintball jerseys and pants. In most cases, the jerseys have built-in padding and protection, thereby ensuring that you stay cool while you are on the paintball field while offering utmost protection.

You should also invest in paintball pants that are considered to be the most vital piece of clothing for paintball. It is because the perfect pants for the game actually offer a high level of protection to your knees as well as the possible impact from paintball. Ensure that you choose pants that are not only protective but also long-lasting.

Cleats or shoes

Other gears that will definitely prepare you to handle the paintball field are the cleats or shoes specifically designed for the game. Note that these cleats or shoes are helpful in ensuring that your footing is retained on the field.

When searching for the ideal paintball cleats or shoes, ensure that you go for one with a high level of traction. This will ensure that you continue to have a good grip on the field. This will also prevent you from losing your footing or worse, tripping or sliding down a hill. Also, ensure that your chosen shoe is perfect for your gameplay.

Gear bags

You also need a gear bag because it is useful for storing all your paintball gear and equipment and keeping them organized in just one place. What’s good about these bags is that they are often designed in such a way that they can specifically hold specific items.

You can also find gear bags for paintball that come with padded gun cases, mask areas, and tank cases. With such features, it is easy for you to organize all your gears in just one place and access them with ease. Just make sure that when searching for a gear bag, you go for a size capable of holding all your items and equipment.

Ensure that the bag is lightweight, too. Remember that you will be filling it with paintball gear for sale that you need for the game so it has to be lightweight, to begin with, so you will never find it difficult to carry around once it is already full and you are in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a paintball gun work?

Paintball guns actually differ in the way they work depending on the brand, type, or model you have chosen to buy. Basically, though, it works once a short and well-controlled burst of gas is released from a tank or canister using compressed gas, causing the paintballs to be expelled coming from a barrel.

There is also a hopper, which is useful in feeding the paintball in the front portion of the firing assembly. In most cases, it keeps one ball in place until your next trigger pull. It is the hopper, which puts the ammunition in front of the piston powered by air. It also springs forward and flings the ball based on the targeted direction of the marker.

It is crucial to note that the firing assembly varies from one paintball gun to another. Generally, though, it has a gas valve sealed against your chosen gas’ constant release while allowing the bolt to propel forward.

How to set up a paintball gun?

Basically, the whole process of setting up a gun involves installing the barrel. The first thing to do is to remove the hopper from the gun and ensuring that no paintballs can be found inside the marker. In case there is an attached CO2 and the gun itself is empty, hold the gun using one of your hands.

The other hand should grab the CO2. You should then turn the CO2 tank counterclockwise. Fire the gun and continue doing that until you’ve emptied the CO2 line. Continue turning the tank until it fully comes off. Take the hopper out of the marker by pulling it.

Screw in the barrel clockwise. Use an Allen wrench to loosen a couple of screws you can find below and above the barrel. After removing the screws, check out the right part of the screw at the bottom. You will most likely see a bigger screw in there, which is around one inch away.

Use the wrench to remove that screw by making it turn to the left. After removing all the screws, grab the screwed barrel and marker. Push in then turn the screwed barrel to the left. This action should cause the barrel and its adapter to turn. Wiggle and pull the barrel and its adapter to remove them.

Ensure that they easily come out. Once done, grab the barrel then insert the long end to the hole, which is the specific spot where the adapter lies. Push in the barrel then lock and secure it in place by turning it to the right.

After completely turning the barrel to the right, you can assemble the paintball gun again. You can do that by putting back together the three unscrewed screws earlier.

How to improve the accuracy of your marker?

Improving the accuracy of your gun is as simple as ensuring that it stays clean. It is because piled-up dirt on the marker can hamper its precision, even if you buy the most accurate paintball gun. This does not just involve regular cleaning, though. You also have to make sure that you inspect the whole marker.

It is mainly because aside from grime and dirt inside the barrel, there are also other things that cause the inaccuracy in your paintball marker. Among the specific parts of the paintball gun you have to thoroughly clean and regularly inspect are the eyes, bolt & hammer, body, barrel, detents, and raceway within the motor.

Another tip is to avoid over-lubing some parts of the marker. While lubing up some strategic components of your gun is crucial in maintaining their excellent condition and performance, the use of excessive lube on certain parts might cause the product to be spread into areas it should not be.

In most cases, it ends up in the barrel. The problem with the lube getting into the barrel and coating it is that it might cause erratic and inaccurate shots. Ensure that you prevent over-lubing to prevent this from happening.

How to aim/shoot a paintball gun?

In paintball, your aim is essential, especially in those instances when your goal is to target an opposing player. When aiming or shooting the gun, avoid closing one eye because it might have a major effect on your peripheral vision, making you prone to get attacked by a hiding enemy.

What you have to do, instead, is to hold your gun and position it below eye level, allowing you to see over its barrel with your two eyes. This increases your chances of making an excellent aim. In case you are dealing with a moving target, one way to handle it is to aim the paintball at the specific direction where the target is running.

This will increase the likelihood of your moving target running into the paintball. Also, one thing you have to take note of when aiming the gun is that the average distance that it can shoot is approximately 300 feet.

It is capable of shooting such distance with a high level of accuracy. Do not attempt to shoot beyond that distance as it might only result in losing your accuracy.

How to fix a paintball gun?

The process of fixing a paintball gun differs based on the problem it is currently facing. In case of leaks, you have to check where these are coming from to give them the right fix. If air leaks in the area surrounding the ASA (air source adapter) fitting, for instance, then it might be caused by a damaged O-ring.

Such problem can be fixed if you remove the O-ring then replace it with another one. If the air leaks out in front of the gun just below its barrel then it might be caused by a malfunctioning O-ring found at the front volumizer. You can fix this issue by unscrewing the volumizer then replacing the O-ring there.

Apply a layer of grease or oil thinly on the O-ring. It is also advisable to replace the volumizer. If the problem of the paintball gun is that it does not seem to recock then you have to look for the actual source of the problem. One of the most common causes of its failure to recock is an empty air tank.

You can, therefore, fix it by filling up the tank. In case that’s not the issue, then make it a point to clean your gun thoroughly from the inside and out. Note that if past paintballs get broken within the chamber without properly cleaning it afterward, then there a great possibility for the hammer & bolt to be gummed up.

This might cause their inability to slide properly and correctly. You can fix this issue if you clean the chamber and lubricate all internals in a proper manner.

How to clean a paintball gun?

Cleaning a marker is essential in maintaining its excellent condition. Note that the buildup of dirt might cause it to jam or produce less accurate shots when you are firing it. It is even possible for the paintballs to break within the barrel. The first step in cleaning it is to disassemble it so you can really access all its parts.

You should then clean its body. Check the manual and find out if you are allowed to run a squeegee through its body. In case it is allowed, use a squeegee then follow it up with a Q tip or wet toothbrush to clean the entire body and prevent it from jamming. Use a paper towel to wipe it dry.

It is also crucial to clean the barrel. You can do this process by utilizing a pull-through squeegee. Use it in cleaning paint residues found in the barrel as such might affect its accuracy and trigger jamming. You should then use a damp paper towel to wipe it down until it is thoroughly dry.

As for the hammer and bolt, you can clean up the assembly using a paper towel. Inspect the O-rings, too, so you will know if they start showing indicates of wear and tear. If there is a heavy damage to them then ensure that you work on replacing the components right away.

How fast/far can a paintball gun shoot?

The speed and distance through which a gun can shoot can be measured in fps, which stands for feet per seconds. The average speed and distance it can shoot is around 300 fps and below. The majority of paintball fields require players to use paintball guns with a max of 280 fps to guarantee safety.

How bad does a paintball gun hurt?

If you are worried that the shot of a paintball will hurt you badly then it is time to let go of such worries and fear. It is because it does not hurt as badly as you think so do not let your fear of getting hit and experiencing paint prevent you from trying out this exciting game.

While it is true that a hit or shot from this gun on a sensitive body part or bare skin at a direct angle, close range, and high speed hurts a bit, this is not always the case when you are playing the game. It is because in most cases, you will need to wear protective clothes and gears that will protect you from the pain.

Players are also required to hit at a safe range so in most cases, what you will feel is just a strong thump getting into your body. Also, you can also apply certain safety measures and precautions as a means of avoiding or minimizing potential pain.

How much does a paintball gun cost?

If you are still a beginner then expect to find real value for the money you spent even if you just go for an inexpensive choice. Once you get more involved in the sport, though, expect to pay more. The cost of a marker alone is only part of how much it costs to go paintballing.

Paintball Guns under $200

If you are looking for the most inexpensive paintball gun you can find then a basic package is ideal for you.

This often costs around $30 to $50 and includes a gun made of plastic, a hopper, a mask, and a couple of 12-gram carbon dioxide canisters. You may also choose to buy an entry-level electro-mechanical or semi-automatic paintball gun, which usually costs $70 to $100.

Learn more about the best paintball guns under $200 here. These options are cheap but good for getting started on your paintballing journey.

Paintball Guns under $300

If you have a bit more budget to spare, then consider one of the best paintball guns under $300. These markers will offer more quality than what you’ll find at the lower end of the market.

Premium Setups

If you wish to invest in a pro gun set-up, which is on the higher end, then be willing to spend more. In this case, expect to spend up to $2,000, sometimes more, for the gun as well as the gears and accessories that come with it.

What are good paintball gun brands?

When planning to invest in the perfect gun for your needs, make it a point to research about a marker brand – one which is trustworthy and reputable enough in the field of making these products. If possible, choose to buy the gun from the top paintball companies to ensure that your choice is of top-notch quality.

Among the most popular and trustworthy brands that you should check out are Planet Eclipse, Dye, Tippmann, Spyder, Empire and Kingman.


Finding the best paintball gun does not have to be an extremely overwhelming process even if you are still a beginner in this industry and you get confused with all the choices laid out for you. By just absorbing everything that this article informed you, you have a higher chance of picking the most reliable paintball gun in the world.

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

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